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Top StoriesMum in stitches after reading questionable children's book to one-year-old

Mum in stitches after reading questionable children’s book to one-year-old

A MUM-of-one was left in stitches after reading a children’s questionable “Touch-and-Feel Playbook” to her one-year-old daughter.

Cerys Sian Barton was shocked after buying the Hey Duggee Animals book for £4.75 from Sainsbury’s earlier this month.

Reading the book for the first time, 23-year-old Cerys discovered a page which depicts a slug.

It reads: “Tag has found an animal. What is it?

The front cover of the children's book
The front cover of the children’s book.

“It’s a slug, says Tag.

“It feels a bit sticky.”

A caption reads: “Stroke the sticky slug.”

Whilst a suggestable speech bubble above the slug says: “Don’t stop, that feels amazing.”

The mum from Morecambe, Lancashire, was also taken aback by another page where a character called Betty finds a tortoise.

It reads: “Betty has found a tortoise.

“It feels a bit hard, says Betty.”

The caption reads: “Stroke the hard tortoise.”

Smiling and looking up at Betty, the tortoise says: “That tickles.”

Cerys shared her hilarious discovery to Facebook last week writing: “Bought this book for my one-year-old.

“I think I may give her it when she’s a fair bit older.”

The sticky slug page is actaully sticky according to parents
The sticky slug page is actually sticky according to parents.

The social media post has received almost 3,400 likes with over 500 comments from users who mostly found the book funny.

One user said: “I have this one too and it always makes me laugh.”

Another user wrote: “I had to laugh when my daughter was reading her school book last night.

“My mind heard it completely differently.”

Someone else added: “You didn’t offend me but you did make me choke on my tea.

“Just took a sip of hot tea and opened Facebook to this.”

One person commented: “Children don’t see the innuendo, don’t overthink it.

“It’ll be absolutely fine.”

Another added: “The book is fine, it’s our dirty minds.”

Speaking today, Cerys said: “My little girl picked up the book herself in Sainsbury’s, so I bought it for her as Hey Duggee is her favourite.

“She wouldn’t put it down so I thought I’d read it to her when we got in.

“There was another page which I thought sounded a little weird and when I saw the one I posted I was seriously shocked.

One of the pages described the tortoises shell as hard.
One of the pages described the tortoises shell as hard.

“It’s funny to me, but I really don’t know how they got away with it.

“I honestly couldn’t believe they got away with publishing it, but I did have a giggle about it.

“But seriously, who strokes a slug anyway?

“I’d be mortified if my little girl even tried touching one.”

The Hey Duggee Animals, a Touch-and-Feel Playbook is recommended for babies and toddlers and 3+ readers.

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