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Mum-of-two left fuming after five star hotel left family with salmonella and bed bugs

A MUM-of-two was left fuming after her family’s dream holiday at a five star hotel left them with salmonella and bed bugs.

Emma Tod splashed out on the almost £10,000 TUI getaway to Khao Lak Resort, Thailand over Christmas but has still not been refunded for their holiday from hell.

The 39-year-old was left riddled with over 200 bed bug bites over her body whilst her six-year-old daughter was struck down with salmonella after eating poorly prepared meat.

Emma's bedbug bites
Emma was severely bitten by bed bugs, receiving over 200 bites. Credit: Emma Tod

Emma from Warwickshire, East Midlands, was also shocked when her seven-year-old son cut his foot on discarded glass left at the side of the swimming pool.

Emma believed that the whole hotel required repairs, with her children even playing games with loose tiles on the swimming pool floor.

Additionally the family was forced to wait hours for dinner in the hotel’s restaurant and had to serve their own drinks due to a lack of staff in the all-inclusive resort.

Almost four months on from the holiday, Emma is still embroiled in a dispute with the travel company over a refund.

Emma's young daughter had salmonella
Emma’s daughter Surin was ill with salmonella during the family holiday. Credit: Emma Tod

She has now been left fuming by TUI’s complaint system and claims that multiple members of their customer service team have hung up on her.

Emma shared her complaint to Twitter last week writing: “A six year old with salmonella, bed bugs, a cut foot and no staff.

“Hardly the experience you expect from a five star resort topped off with a complaints process that also offers the worst customer experience I’ve ever experienced, well done.”

Speaking today, Emma said: “The holiday has been incredibly poorly managed, I’ve booked loads of amazing holidays with them (TUI) but this has been shocking.

“My complaint is still not resolved after almost four months.

“For me the bed bugs were the worst but for my daughter the salmonella made her so poorly, my son cutting his foot on the edge of the pool was his worst moment.

“All of us had to self-serve our own drinks and work the bars as there were no staff on an all inclusive five star resort and no coffee shop.

“The room service stopped two days into the holiday and we had the occasional two hour wait for dinner.

“TUI acknowledged and phoned me back in February as they said it needed to be passed to their legal team, particularly as the doctors who confirmed my daughter had salmonella contacted environmental health.

“We’ve heard nothing since but have tried on several occasions just to have the phone put down on us.

“I think they were repairing something, but to be honest the whole hotel needed to be repaired. The kids played games picking up loose tiles from the bottom of the pool.

“The number on the message from their chat only directs me to a complaint form or when I pretend I’m booking a new holiday the reps always hang up when they hear that I want to speak to someone about my complaint.”

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