Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Shocking video shows rodent wriggling into Tesco crisp display

A SHOCKING video shows a rodent wriggling into a Tesco crisp display.

The stomach-turning video was captured last Wednesday in Birmingham’s New Street Station, West Midlands.

In the video, the vermin can be seen perched on the side of a plastic crisp shelf.

The small grey pest hesitates for a moment before scurrying inside the shelf.

The rodent then disappears from view before reemerging in another video clip.

The furry creature again takes cover under the shelving units before darting across the shop floor towards the refrigerated section.

The rodent runs across Tesco floor
The rodent ran across the Tesco shop floor before it opened. Credit: Deadline News

One commuter who spotted the rodent claimed that it to be a rat and that it had been chewing threw packets of crisps leaving crumbs over the floor.

Speaking today they said: “I felt sick as I go into that Tesco every single day.

“I could see the rats in the crisps making holes in them.

“They must have been there a while as there’s always a trail by the crisps of unopened crisps bags which are never cleaned.

“I was waiting for the Tesco to open, the store is meant to open at seven but I was recording the rat at quarter past while the store was still closed.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We take food hygiene very seriously and have rigorous hygiene standards throughout our stores.

“Since being made aware of this video, we have closely monitored any potential pest activity and have not found any evidence of pests in our store.”

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