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New sponsors emerge to support Scottish football

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Aiden Keene set to quit Hartlepool ahead of his first child
Aiden Keene set to quit Hartlepool ahead of his first child. Picture Connor Coyne

A NEW sponsorship deal has been reached in support of Junior Scottish football from three Scottish businesses. This sponsorship is in support of Junior football after a particularly rough pandemic period for non-league football financially.

The South Region Challenge Cup is the recipient of the new boost of cash for grass-roots Scottish football, all from homegrown Scottish businesses wanting to do their part for a sport that cements local communities.

Glasgow based Radiator company Trade Radiators was the first Scottish business to pledge its support of the South Region Challenge Cup. It seems that their support for communities goes much further than helping to keep homes warm during the winter. We decided to approach the managing director of Trade Radiators about the company’s support of the Cup: “We are delighted to sponsor the Cup and show our commitment to local football.

“Sport brings people from different backgrounds and with different abilities together and is an important part of our national heritage.”

We also wanted to know what the Cup Competition Secretary had to say about Trade Radiators and subsequent sponsors, offering their support: “It has been a pleasure to secure sponsors from Scottish businesses for this year’s Cup.

“It is an honour to accept their sponsorship, and we greatly appreciate their support for the Cup and all its teams.”

With one major sponsorship locked down, the fans are ready to enjoy the rest of the South Region Challenge Cup’s 15th year running. The anticipation seems to be building around the newcomers to the Cup – that’s 20 new teams – to challenge the current status quo. This brings the total number of competing teams up to 162 for the 2021/2022 season. With the defending champions, Dunipace, having been knocked out in October 2021’s Round Two of the Cup, it seems the fans’ anticipation is well placed.

Any football fan knows that sponsorship and footie go hand in hand. But for non-league teams and competitions, sponsorship can be a lot harder to obtain due to the lack of broadcast media coverage. That’s why the new sponsors stepping up are greatly appreciated by the junior teams and the communities that support them.

It also seems that all these recent developments for the Cup have attracted other sponsors from Scottish businesses, not just Trade Radiators.

This second big sponsor comes from the Glasgow-based digital marketing agency Boyd Digital. With the company being led up by Colin Boyd and Grant Ruxton, both avid footie fans, it’s no surprise to see the company offer their support. We talked to Grant Ruxton, Managing Director of Boyd Digital, about their role in sponsoring the South Region Challenge Cup:

“We are delighted to be able to support the Cup. It’s great to see more teams taking part than ever before.

“It’s already an exciting year for the Cup and all the teams involved. As much as I am a football fan, I think there is another aspect to the sponsorship that is worth mentioning. Many local teams are a very important part of the community. People in rural areas often gather for matches, and teams are often involved in charity work.

“I don’t think my responsibility as a businessman stops at my office door. As a business, we need to help communities and good causes.”

Club Snoods was the third sponsor to pledge to fund the Cup. This premium Ardrossan-based snood company is responsible for all the brilliant, custom football snoods you see populating stadiums across the nation. So, not only will they help you support your team with a snazzy snood, but they’ll be directly supporting the teams and Cup itself this season. 

With or without the sponsors, however, the Cup is already proving to be an exciting as well as a historical one.

In the first week of March, the Cumbernauld Colts were defeated by Bonnyrigg Rose, five to nil. This match was highly anticipated due to a host of games being postponed due to the bad weather in February. 

After the phenomenal match with five spectacular goals, we decided to chat to David Stewart, a Bonnyrigg supporter, “That was fantastic football in action. I was absolutely delighted. People don’t realise what they are missing by not coming to a game of their local team.

“There was no sign of the Cumbernauld Colts defence, and I’m not sure they even turned up for the game.

“The lower leagues allow us to experience fantastic football up close. Without sponsorship, we wouldn’t be able to do as many activities as we would like to do.”

With all the rounds and Quarter-finals finished, the Cup is wading into serious territory with the following matches planned for the upcoming Semi-finals:

· Spartans F.C. VS Bonnyrigg Rose (Tuesday, 12th April, 19:45)

· Auchinleck Talbot VS Sauchie Juniors (Saturday, 30th April, 14:00)

With the final planned for the 22nd May. So, go on, get down to the stadiums and see fantastic football in action. It’s only live once!

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