Friday, August 12, 2022
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Bizarre video shows “roadmen” dressed in full tracksuits and winter parka jacket on holiday

BIZARRE video shows two “roadmen”’ hiding from the sun under a tree on holiday dressed in full tracksuits and a winter parka jacket.

Christopher McCrory was on holiday in sunny Marmaris, Turkey, this week when he spotted the two lads head-to-toe in winter wear hiding from the 20°C heat.

The video begins showing the Marmaris Palace’s swimming pool glistening in the glorious sunshine as holiday-goers sunbathe and swim in their bikinis and shorts.

However, the camera then pans and zooms in to reveal the two boys who are leaning nonchalantly against a wall under the shade of a tree.

One of the lads is decked out in a full grey cotton tracksuit and Adidas trainers whilst also sporting a black bum bag draped across his chest.

The second holiday-goer, who looks like he is dressed for a trip to the North Pole, is wearing a pair of black tracksuit bottoms as well as a thick black parka jacket.

He has even gone as far to pull the furry hood up over his head and has wrapped his hands in his pockets in case he catches a chill.

The reveler did allow for one element of holiday clothing; a pair of sliders, but has kept his black socks on underneath.

Christopher snapped them from across the pool
Christopher snapped them from across the pool. (C). Christopher McCrory

Christopher, from London, shared the video to TikTok on Tuesday writing: “Not one day off was taken. #Roadmen”

The post has now collected almost three million views with more than 400,000 likes and 11,000 comments from users who were left in stitches by the clip.

After taking the video he posted it to TikTok to share his hilarity and bewilderment earlier this week.

The post has been viewed by almost three million people and has received over 400,000 likes and has been commented on almost 11,000 times.

Social media users were amused by the boy’s dress for such hot weather.

@Polishp wrote: “It’s Kevin and Perry on your holiday.”

@MegAn wrote: “People don’t appreciate the grind of a roadman.”

@Gi wrote: “when you don’t wanna go but your mum says you have to.”

@Lyd2022x wrote: “This really made me laugh.

“Youth is wasted on the young.”

@Ab93xx wrote: “Kevin and Perry go to Benidorm.”

Speaking today, Christopher said: “I scanned across the pool and saw that there were two guys dressed head to toe in their bike and Parker coats.

“I burst out laughing.

The boys stood in the shade wrapped up
The boys stood in the shade wrapped up. (C). Christopher McCrory

“There was an influx of brits to the hotel that week and by god did they bring out the best.

“For my last three days they remained the same.

“Eventually one of them stopped wearing the Parker coat.

“But the head to toe tracksuits remained the same.”

A “roadman” is UK slang for someone who is very familiar with the ins and outs of a certain area.

They are stereotyped to be dressed in tracksuit and large jackets whilst often having their hoods up.

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