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Shocking images show aftermath of gym floor that collapsed at Spanish hotel filled with Brits

SHOCKING images show the aftermath of a gym floor that collapsed at a Spanish hotel filled with Brits.

Hundreds of holidaymakers had to be evacuated from Blue Sea Piscis hotel in Alcudia, Majorca, after the floor fell through into a kitchen two weeks ago.

A 59-year-old man and 57-year-old woman employee of the hotel were both rushed to hospital after being pulled from the wreckage.

The ruins from the collapsed hotel
The gymnasium above collapsed onto the kitchen below.

Both were left in serious condition from the incident and local police said the collapse could have resulted in ‘a real disaster’.

Staff at the hotel today confirmed that the two employees are both back home now and on the mend.

Holidaymaker Theo Hodkinson was just metres away from the incident at the three star hotel’s pool at the time.

The 21-year-old from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, has since shared images of the wreckage which he was sent by other residents staying at the resort.

Images show mounds of rubble and boards surrounding a large treadmill that appears to have fallen from the gymnasium above.

Structural beams are shown around firefighters tending to the scene.

Another image, taken from the gymnasium above, shows a rectangle-shape hole in the floor where the ceiling collapsed.

Warehouse manager Theo created a video about his holiday and posted it on TikTok on Thursday, writing: “I definitely wouldn’t recommend Blue Seas hotels.”

The post has collected over 20,000 views and comments from shocked viewers, many who had visited the same hotel previously.

One said: “Bad day.”

Another said: “Not the treadmill!”

A third added: “I stayed at the Blue Sea once and it caught on fire in the middle of my first night!”

While another wrote: “Haha I’ve been there twice.”

Speaking today, Theo said: “At around 2:30pm the roof collapsed at Blue Sea Piscis hotel in Alcudia.

“This was apparently from a gas leak that caused a ceiling holding gym equipment to collapse. I was a guest at this hotel.

“The hotel was mainly British people.

“From the moment of the collapse we were told to leave the building and not to return.

“Having to leave all of our bags in the hotel room and all travel documents. We all had to wait outside the hotel for around four hours to wait for emergency services to recover casualties from under the rubble that the collapse had caused.

The ruins from the collapsed hotel
Two people were seriously injured in the accident.

“When the scene had cleared a bit and emergency services were starting to seal up the building for an investigation.

“The guardia civil allowed us in one by one for us to get our stuff but only gave us five minutes to pack all belongings and get out the room which caused a lot of people to forget or be forced to leave stuff in their rooms.

“The hotel moved us over to another Blue Sea resort which was full and refusing guests due to overcrowding after about three hours of holidaymakers coming in.

“On arrival we queued for an hour for a lot of us to be turned away due to lack of passports as these were in the room.

“So we all got taxis back to Blue Sea Pisces and had to beg to be let in to get our documents in order to get into the other hotel.”

Theo added: “It was very, very unfortunate for the people injured in the accident and I heard two people were seriously injured.

“The hotel did their best to arrange alternative accommodation for us but a lot of guests got moved to other hotels around the area due to lack of space

“I have put a claim request into my holiday insurance company so hopefully I will get a refund for this holiday.

“It came as a surprise, I was stressed and worried for all the people involved.”

A member of staff from the hotel today said the hotel will not reopen again until next year.

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