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NewsTiny 10 sq metre London flat on sale for £275,000

Tiny 10 sq metre London flat on sale for £275,000

A TINY 10 sq metre flat in London where the single occupant could cook dinner while sat on the end of their bed is on the market for a whopping £275,000.

The minuscule studio apartment in Knightsbridge, London, gives potential buyers just 110 sq ft of living space – and doesn’t even come with one standard sized window.

Images show the narrow main area – consisting of lounge, bedroom and dining area – with very minimal floor space.

The bedroom and kitchen
The apartment is just one room which is very small. Credit: Grow Portfolio

A small enclosed cooking area featuring a cooker top and Bosch microwave oven is located right at the end of the single bed.

Directly above the bed is a square mirror which is almost double the size of the slim window to the left.

A set of wardrobes are fitted opposite the cooker and appear to include a sink inside so that buyers don’t have to take a few extra steps to the bathroom to wash dishes.

A small foldable table also sits at the side of the bed so buyers can use it to work or eat – but they may still need to be careful not to leave crumbs on the bed.

The space between bedroom and door
There is little space in the flat between the door and the bed. Credit: Grow Portfolio

The bathroom area features a shower, sink, toilet and square windows across the top to allow extra daylight in.

The compact property is located directly across from luxury designer store, Harrods, which may explain the eye-watering price tag.

Estate agent Grow Portfolio, who are selling the property, said: “A studio apartment situated directly across from the world renowned, Harrods, shopping centre.

“The apartment is located on the third floor with lift access; 24 hour concierge services are offered to residents of the building.

“The apartment is located in one of the most prestigious areas of London, in the heart of Knightsbridge.

“Quick access to the underground station, making your daily commute much easier for work/leisure.”

Buyers will also have to pay around £1,000 per-year for the building’s service charge – although council tax has been listed at only £25 per-month.

The cosy property has since been slammed online by house-browsers.

One user said: “You’d have more space on a houseboat.”

Another wrote: “But you get to say I live in Knightsbridge, darling.”

A third added: “It is about the same size as my box room.”

A fourth said: “Imagine someone bragging about their Knightsbridge apartment and inviting you over.

“You step out the cab and into that fabulous foyer with polished marble, up in the lift, no doubt expecting to enter a massive penthouse apartment, and it’s… that.”

While another commented: “The good news is that it wouldn’t take too long to clean.”

The average home in Knightsbridge sells for £3,063,961, according to property website Rightmove.

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