Tuesday, May 24, 2022
NewsAudi driver fuming after Asda driver caught reversing into car before driving...

Audi driver fuming after Asda driver caught reversing into car before driving off

AN AUDI owner has been left fuming after an Asda delivery driver was caught reversing into his car before driving off.

Paul Barker claims the delivery driver didn’t even leave a note after colliding with his Audi A3 outside his home in Bromley, south east London earlier this month.

Video shows a driver reversing their white Asda van into Paul’s parked car – causing the corner of the vehicle to smash into the driver’s side window.

The van appears to have been travelling too quickly and collides heavily with the A3, which costs up to £30,000 new.

Paul, 40, claims the driver drove off straight after and didn’t even attempt to make contact or track down him or his partner.

Luckily, a passing civilian caught the incident, which also left the car door battered and dented, on their dash-cam.

Images show the driver’s door caved in with a large hole punctured through it while the window can be seen smashed.

Damage to Paul's car
The damage to Paul’s car has left him needing to tape a binbag to the window. Credit: Paul Barker

After being approached for comment, Asda today apologised publicly for the incident and said that “from time to time accidents can happen”.

Speaking today, Paul said: “Asda have been useless to say the least, they took an entirety to identify the van but still haven’t given us insurance details.

“We cannot get the car fixed until we have those details. They seem to just think they can fob people off.

“We want to get the car back on the road but it is not driveable, we just want to put this behind us.

“Unfortunately, we have had no apology for the incident and nobody has called despite me providing my number.

“There can be no claim from the driver that he didn’t notice as they haven’t just nicked the car, they have put a hole in it.

“If you don’t know or don’t feel that impact then you should not be on the road.”

An Asda spokesperson today said: “From time to time accidents can happen.

“We are in contact with Mr Barker to get his car fixed as soon as possible but we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.”

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