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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Going For A Morning Walk

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Adding a morning walk to your life can make a great addition to your exercise routine! After all, it’s so simple, free and easy. It might also be adapted to suit any fitness level, as you could begin with ten minutes down your street and gradually build up, while others will be ready for a fast-paced hour in the woods. You can also hit the treadmill at the gym. It’s completely up to you and what works for your routine! In this article, we will draw attention to the five benefits of adding a morning walk to your routine. No doubt you’ll want to pull on your walking shoes in no time!

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#1 A Mood Boost

It’s true that we all feel low from time to time, and it’s completely normal. Everyday stresses like work, money and family can bring you down. Some people also experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. These mental health issues can cause both physical and psychological symptoms. Some common symptoms include a racing heart, persistent feelings of sadness, nausea, a lack of motivation and more. While some people tend to use various CBD products, from low potency options like CBD oil 10% to ones with higher concentrations, for some anxiety disorders and mild depression, doctors actually suggest exercise as part of a treatment plan.

This is because a 2008 study published by the Primary Care Companion to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that walking can help to support your mental health by boosting your mood, self-esteem and helping you to feel more social. The best way for you to experience these benefits is to aim to walk for half an hour for a maximum of three days per week. A brisk walk is best; however, this is something that you can build up to if your fitness levels aren’t quite there yet. Of course, you can also break up these walks throughout the day so that you make up the time.

#2 An Energy Boost

Just like walking can help to boost your mood, it can also help to boost your energy levels for the rest of the day. In fact, a 2017 study published in the Physiology & Behavior journal found that walking boosts your energy more than a cup of coffee when you’re feeling tired! This is because walking triggers an increase of oxygen throughout your body, including the hormones norepinephrine, epinephrine and cortisol. These hormones help to contribute to your energy levels. This is great news for people who can’t drink caffeine or who are trying to limit it, as walking offers a natural solution to your tiredness. Give it a go and see what you think!

#3 Manage Pain

Walking may be able to help you to manage the pain in your joints, as it can help to protect your knees and hips. Walking can achieve this by strengthening and lubricating your joints. Walking may be able to help support individuals living with arthritis, as it can help to reduce the pain in your joints. Additionally, research has shown that walking between five and six miles per week could help to prevent arthritis from occurring. Don’t forget to take things at your own pace, particularly if you are suffering from arthritis or joint pain. Also, consider checking with a medical professional if walking is safe for you. If they approve it, then it would be a good idea to invest in some walking boots that will help to properly support your ankles and feet. This can also help to prevent you from getting injured.

#4 You’ll Burn Calories

All exercise allows you to burn calories, and walking is no exception to this rule. This means that walking in the morning can help you to lose weight and manage your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight will help to prevent many diseases, such as diabetes and some cancers. 

However, the number of calories burned will depend on a variety of factors, including how far you walk, your speed, your height and weight and the terrain you’re walking on. When trying to lose weight, consider wearing a watch that shows exactly how many calories you’re burning to keep track of your weight loss. In case you aren’t losing as much weight as you want, then you can increase your number of walks or the distance you cover. You can also make your walks a social occasion by meeting up with your loved ones. Catching up with your friends will no doubt distract you – you won’t even realise that you’re exercising!

#5 Supports Your Immunity

Walking is a great way of supporting your overall health, including lowering your blood sugar and keeping your heart healthy. It can also help to support your immune function and prevent you from catching the flu or a cold. A 2011 study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) examined this. One thousand adults took part in this study, and it occurred during flu season. One group of adults walked once per day for between half an hour and forty-five minutes. This group of people experienced 43% less sick days and upper respiratory tract infections. 

Also, if people did get sick from the walking group, their symptoms were less severe than those who didn’t walk. To best experience this immunity support, you’ll need to walk at least once per day. This is why walking first thing in the morning can be a great idea – it not only gets it out of the way, but also you’ll feel energised and refreshed. This can help you to tackle the day ahead.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it – five reasons why you should start going for a morning walk! Walking can help to prevent many diseases, boost your mood and energy and help you to manage joint pain. What more could you want? People often misjudge walking, but as we have discovered, it’s one of the very best things that you can add to your lifestyle! In addition to your walks, make sure to eat a balanced diet, engage in acts of self-care and make healthy life choices. This will all help to support your overall well-being.

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