Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Top Stories"Instant karma" - Careless motorist caught running red light...right past police car

“Instant karma” – Careless motorist caught running red light…right past police car

A VIDEO shows the moment a careless motorist got a dose of karma after running a red light – right past a police car.

Shaun Ballinger said he felt instant “satisfaction” after spotting the incident in Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, last week.

Dashcam footage shows Shaun pulling up to a pelican crossing to allow pedestrians to cross the road.

A marked police car can be seen waiting in traffic in front.

Seconds after Shaun’s car comes to a halt a white Mercedes is shown cruising past on the left and right through the red light.

Almost immediately the police car pulls out and puts its sirens on before speeding off to catch the dopey driver.

When the lights turn green and the traffic starts moving again a long stream of traffic is shown behind where the police car has managed to pull over the Mercedes.

Shaun posted his footage in a motorist Facebook group on Friday, writing: “Instant karma.”

The post received over 100 likes and dozens of comments from viewers who were happy to see that the driver was caught.

The Mercedes driver drove right through the red light at the pelican crossing right in front of the police car
The Mercedes driver drove right through the red light at the pelican crossing as the police car was stationary. (C). Shaun Ballinger

One social media user said: “Don’t you just love it when that happens.”

Another wrote: “I enjoyed that, in the right place at the right time.”

A third added: “The amount of times that this happens, I’m so glad to see one get caught for once.”

A fourth commented: “Had to watch that several times, it was so satisfying.”

While one viewer added: “Can’t see a red light and can’t see a police car next to a red light.

“How on earth have they got a licence?”

Speaking today, Shaun said: “I saw him in my mirrors at first and thought he was going a bit quick on the approach.

The police car caught up with the motorist
The police car caught up with the motorist. (C). Shaun Ballinger

“When he went through the red lights I was in a bit of disbelief, thinking what an idiot, as the driver could have hurt someone crossing.

“Not to mention the driver did it with the Police car directly in front of me.

“That quickly turned into laughter of satisfaction when the Police put their blues on and went after them.”

The penalty for being caught running a red light in the UK is a fixed penalty of £100, but drivers can also have three or six points added onto their licence.

Some traffic lights have been fitted with cameras in recent years that act similarly to speed cameras, but these cameras are only normally deployed in areas notorious or offending.

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