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4 Tips for Educating Your Kid about Solar Energy

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The increase in environmental degradation and destruction of the eco system has called for drastic changes in the way we do things. It has become increasingly important to reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring safe use of electricity and adoption of more clean energy.

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Solar energy is one source of clean energy whose use has become widespread. It is therefore important that you teach your children about solar energy so that they can understand what it is, why we use it and how to use and harness it to your advantage.

This article will help highlight 4 tips to help you educate your kid on solar energy;

1. Blow up a balloon with the sun

To be able to teach the children that the sun produces energy that can blow up a balloon, you can try out this experiment with them. Find two balloons, two plastic water bottles, and some black and white paint. Color one bottle black and one white and tie a balloon over the mouth of each bottle.

Leave them in the sun for a little while making sure that the balloons are sealed tightly. Over time the balloon on the black bottle will start to expand while the one in white remains the same. Have your kids touch both balloons. It is guaranteed that the one on the black bottle will be warmer. This will help your children understand the presence of solar energy and its heating capabilities.

2.Solar-powered garden lights

Place one solar-powered light out in the sun and another inside the house under the child’s bed. Bring in the light after it has sat in the sun for about 3 hours. Explain to your kid that the light under the bed is not lighting up because it did not get energy from the sun unlike the one left outside which is able to light up. Your kid is sure to enjoy these lessons and is sure to be interested in renewable energy sources.

3.Solar-powered panels

Teaching your kids about renewable solar energy should be a gradual process, but it is important to start early. Installing solar panels in your home will help your kid experience first-hand it’s benefits over time.

Your child will also become familiar with the parts of the solar powered panel and solar battery storage.

4.Lego Car

You can build a solar powered lego child for your kid. This is sure to pick their interest and get them interested on how you did it and how it works. This experiment will help teach him the basics of solar energy and is inspiration for a great future.

All you will need to set this up are some wheels, axles, gears, a portable solar panel of 9V, a motor and some contact glue and you are sure to win at this. This will provide your kid of a long lasting source of inspiration of the power of solar energy.

It is important that you remember to always show and do more than tell more. Kids learn more from observation than any other medium. How you use energy in your home will greatly enable the learning process and help them understand that simple instructions like keeping lights off when not in use is more about sustainability and protecting their ecosystem for future generations than saving on money.

This 4 activities offer a great way to pass on knowledge of the solar energy to your kid. Creating fun ways to teach kids about the solar energy is important as teaching them on complex topic most times proves very challenging. I hope that this provides a great guide towards getting you started in this journey.

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