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Moissanite Engagement Rings & Gems: Everything You Need To Know

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Engagement rings continue to evolve. The previously diamond-dominated industry is now finding alternatives. With the introduction of moissanite rings in the market, everyone can now afford to buy good quality jewelry. Today, moissanite gems and allied products such as engagement rings are now becoming more common than ever before. Those who cannot afford expensive diamonds have now found an option.

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So, what is moissanite? For many years now, moissanite has proved to be a great diamond alternative. This is so due to the striking resemblance between these two stones. However, it is important to note that these two are different. Lab tests proved that moissanite is Silicon Carbide (SiC). Today, dealers make moissanite in the lab and that has enhanced the supply.

Important Moissanite qualities and Benefits

Today, moissanite is increasingly becoming popular and a favourite among jewelry enthusiasts. This has not been without a reason. Therefore, here are some of the most important qualities and benefits that make the moissanite gem a lot more common:

  1. Hardness and durability

On the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite has a score of 9.25. This is much close to that of a diamond, which has a score of 10. For that reason, moissanite hardness closely matches that of diamond, which is a good quality to behold.

It is not easy to scratch moissanite. Therefore, it will remain with its look and shine for a long time.

  • Value and Price

Jewelry dealers consider moissanite as a great diamond alternative. Instead of buying an expensive diamond, you can choose moissanite that will give you almost the same value. Most importantly, it comes at an affordable price compared to that of a diamond. If you are looking for quality at a good price, then moissanite is the stone for you.

  • Ethical Considerations

The mining of gems causes instability in communities due to conflict in the mine areas. Therefore, gems like diamonds become unethical to buy. However, moissanite is lab-grown and that means no mining is involved. In that case, moissanite is ethical to buy if this is something that can influence your decision.

  • Cut and Brilliance

A stone’s cut is vital in determining its sparkle, fire and brilliance. People love moissanite for this quality. It has a high refractive index, which makes it shine more when a stroke of light hits it. Therefore, this stone is a great alternative for jewelry lovers. It is good for engagement rings for that special occasion with your partner.

  • Different Shapes and Sizes

Moissanite is easy to cut unlike other gemstones like a diamond. Therefore, it is available in different sizes and shapes. You do not need sophisticated equipment to do the cutting. Therefore, the ability to work with moissanite makes it a great choice for making both simple and sophisticated engagement ring designs. With it, you can make jewelry products of all kinds.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Gems need cleaning and maintenance to keep their glow and attractiveness. Some require special chemicals for cleaning making them expensive to maintain. However, the case is different for moissanite. All you need to clean it is warm water, soap and a soft cloth.  Therefore, you will not need sophisticated equipment and substances to maintain it.

  • Carat Weight

Diamond is measured using carat weight. However, diamond occupying the same volume as moissanite is denser. Therefore, moissanite is perfect for lightweight engagement rings. You can wear a moissanite ring all day long without any discomfort. In that case, it is a good choice for those looking for daily jewelry wear. 

  • Color Variety

Common moissanite is clear and colorless. However, improved manufacturing processes produce a different variety of colors.  For that reason, the gem gives you a wide range of colors and shades to choose from for your dream engagement ring. This is a good characteristic for a stone to produce a wide range of uses.

We have many gemstones in the market. However, the increasing use of moissanite is sending shockwaves in the jewelry industry.  This diamond alternative has great qualities and features that make it stand out from the rest in the market.  Moissanite gives you a combination of quality and good price. Therefore, it is something worth the consideration in your choice of gemstones.

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