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What Is the Best Private Healthcare in the UK?

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There are many choices available in the insurance industry, especially within the context of the UK. More flexibility in policy offerings is being offered, for one.

The main features to consider in determining which providers give the best health care are the type of ailments covered and diagnostic tests, consultations, and other hospital fees. Other options include various types of therapy like physiotherapy and mental health care which is usually an add-on that comes with extra insurance premiums.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

While the UK provides free NHS care, private health insurance is still recommended to control treatment options, including where, when, and how the treatment is done.

Check out the Exeter health insurance review as one way to gauge your options. Added to this is the list of some of the best private healthcare providers in the UK, found below.

Best Private Healthcare Providers in the UK


Aviva is one of the leading insurance providers in the UK. They have certainly acquired a lot of accolades due to the quality they offer in terms of their policies.

Exceptional benefits such as having a cancer pledge, which comes with extensive support and coverage for every stage of the treatment, are made available. There is also an option called Expert Select, by which a client receives a guide that aids them in selecting the best specialist and hospital.

Lastly, Aviva also offers a selection of well-being services?something that their competitors don’t always provide.


BUPA is another top health insurance in the UK, offering various products depending on clients’ needs. They have private client global health insurance, business health insurance, general health insurance, and family health insurance options.

In addition, a wide range of treatments is also made available through their services. This includes private GP services, an array of health assessments, physiotherapy, and even Smart DNA.

More impressive in BUPA is an added focus on women’s health through their support for menopause and endometriosis management and treatment.


Another leading insurance company, AXA (and its UK branch), gives comprehensive coverage for clients. They have a personal Health product line, covering a wide range of treatment options, including MRI or CT scans.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are also at the core of their heart and cancer coverage offering.

According to AXA, their provision of access, choice, and convenience for their clients best benefits them and their families.

On top of that, AXA makes it possible for clients to add other options for mental health, therapies, optics, and dental cashbacks, travel options, as well as extended coverage. With such coverage?though not including pregnancy, childbirth, and pre-existing conditions?no wonder they’re at the top of their game.

Lastly, AXA focuses on customer service because they’re a not-for-profit provider. This business model is attractive to customers.

CS Healthcare

Another not-for-profit organisation, CS Healthcare, boasts of providing affordable and comprehensive health insurance plans in the UK. These can be tailor-fit to individual budgets and needs.

Established way back in 1929, CS Healthcare helps provide members with access to over 300 hospitals in the UK. They also guarantee fast settlements of direct claims and offer other perks such as discounted memberships on gym use, travel insurance, and various health screenings.

The Exeter

Lastly, Exeter is another top insurance provider, primarily due to their creativity in their offerings. With Health+, they offer their award-winning private health insurance, supported with their app called HealthWise.

Part of the core features of Exeter health insurance plans includes home nursing, use of a private ambulance, outpatient surgery, and complete cancer coverage. There are also unlimited in-patient treatments.

In addition, their clients also receive NHS cash benefits and other benefits like post-operative physiotherapy and more. Their clients can also add an array of unlimited outpatient diagnostics and additional coverage for mental health therapies.

Member benefits allow clients to enjoy four remote GP consultations and registered dietitian, nutrition, and lifestyle consultations.

Cream of the Crop

All in all, these are the cream of the crop that can make up your choices for the best private healthcare in the UK.

Remember, at the end of the day, how fast you want to get a diagnosis, get treated, and get the comfort and care plan you need is affected by the quality of service.

Also, you, too, have some accountability when comparing offerings vis-a-vis your area and your access to partner hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies.

We believe that there is a perfect policy for you and your family out there. It is simply up to you to determine where and what they are through enough research. Good luck!

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