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5 Ways to Raise the Capital to Expand Your Business

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Setting up a business is exciting enough but once you have got the ball rolling there can be no stopping it, especially if you had a great idea business idea to begin with. However, if you have development plans or you want to expand your business, you are going to need capital. Here are five ways to raise the capital to expand your business.

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It is prudent to put money away if you are thinking about expanding in the future. That way you can dip into your business savings to get the financing you need. You won’t need to take out a loan, attract investors or sign away a part of your company and you aren’t under the pressure of repaying by a certain time. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t have this kind of money sitting in the bank, so they have to think of other ways to raise it.


If you aren’t planning to raise money immediately then it might be worth making some investments. There is more potential for growth in assets such as stocks and shares than there is in a standard business bank account, and this may be a better way of raising money. However, investments can go up as well as down so you could end up losing money. Most investments should be allowed to run for 3-5 years if you want to see a good return, so this is not a quick solution.

Bank Loan

Your bank may be willing to lend you the money to expand. If you have a good relationship with them and you can put together a fantastic business plan, then they are less likely to say no. The bank will set the lending terms so they will let you know how much you will have to repay and on what date. If you have good credit, this is a fantastic way of borrowing the money you need.

Crowd Funding

Crowd funding platforms are becoming increasingly popular, and they can be a terrific way to raise money. The idea is that you raise the money through a large group of people who want to make business investments. It is easy to do, and it has become the most popular way of raising business funding.

Investment Companies

Investment companies such as Parabellum Investments use their own money to invest in different companies. These are often businesses that have great expansion plans. You will need to impress the company with your business plan and company background information, but if you can do this, you will have a solid investment company backing you that can offer good business advice to you. This also gives your company profile a boost as it becomes known that your business is deemed worthy of investment by an investor who knows the market well. This will make your company look more dependable and others will be keen to do business with you.

These are the five main ways of raising capital to expand your business. Consider what option looks best for you and go for it.

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