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Aphantasia Cure: Disease Or Unusual Feature?

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The human brain is one of the most understudied areas in science. Recently, scientists have discovered that not all people on the planet have a fantasy. Now, this is not a disease or some severe deviation. However, some strategies for aphantasia cure have already been developed today. There are no examples of a person recovering fully, but scientists have already been able to achieve good results in this area.

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History Of Aphantasia

There have been no significant studies on how many people can have aphantasia. However, there is evidence that 2% of the planet’s total population has this feature.

Francis Galton first noticed this phenomenon, a fascinating scientist known as the father of eugenics, or racial biology. He first saw that not all of his servants could visualize what they ate in the morning with their eyes closed. Then he did a little research, but the rest of the scientists decided that there were more important things in the world that needed to be studied. About 130 years have passed, and scientists have rediscovered this phenomenon.

Thus, neurologist Adam Zeman encountered a patient who, after a stroke, lost the ability to visualize. This topic seemed very interesting, and he conducted his research. As a result, he coined the term aphantasia and spent many years studying it.

Do You Have Aphantasia?

The Aphantasia test will allow you to quickly and easily understand if you have this phenomenon. You can do this at any time and place convenient for you. I suggest doing this right now:

  1. Close your eyes;
  2. Calm down;
  3. Imagine any geometric figure, such as a red square or a blue triangle.

If you succeeded, congratulations; everything is in order with your imagination, and this material was not written for you. For example, if you see only darkness in front of you, try again, imagining something else that is familiar to you, such as the sun or your favorite flowers. If you get the same result, then you are diagnosed with Aphantasia.

Aphantasia test should be carried out when you are as relaxed as possible, nothing distracts you, and you can concentrate. It would be best if you did not do this when doing homework with a child or standing in a traffic jam. The best option is to sit on the sofa, turn off the TV and enjoy the silence and try to imagine something.

How To Treat Aphantasia?

There is currently no well-established aphantasia cure program. First of all, this is because this is not a disease but simply a feature of a person.

Just because you’ve been diagnosed with aphantasia doesn’t mean you need medication or regular visits to your family doctor. All studies have shown that this does not indicate severe disorders in the functioning of the brain or other organs. You can turn such a feature into a highlight or try to eliminate it.

Aphantasia cure consists of regular training to improve memory and creative thinking. Among the most effective are:

  • look at pictures and try to imagine them from memory;
  • solve puzzles where images are used;
  • read more and try to imagine events with your eyes closed;
  • present your favorite movie with your eyes closed;
  • use the mobile application.

In the early days, you should not hope for a positive result. Training should be done before bedtime when that part of the brain responsible for the imagination begins to work more actively. It is worth noting that people with aphantasia boast beautiful dreams, which are often more colorful and fabulous than ordinary people.

A case has been recorded today where a person born with aphantasia learned to imagine pictures of his own free will while falling asleep. It will be perfect if you can achieve a similar result.

It should be understood that this phenomenon began to be actively studied only in 2015, so excellent results have not yet been achieved. Nevertheless, the interest of the world scientific community in this issue is very noticeable, so we can expect a breakthrough in the next few years.

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