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Farmer who appeared on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces with renovated circus wagon creates replica worth £85,000

A FARMER who appeared on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces with a renovated circus wagon has created an even better replica – and it could be yours for just £85,000.

Frankie Lord appeared on the hit Channel 4 programme in January where George described their upcycled wagon as “an absolute show stopper”.

Frankie, 29, and his girlfriend Olivia Dann, 28, decided to turn the old wagon into a home after being denied planning permission to build their dream home.

The wagon comes with a hidden bath
The wagon comes with a hidden bath. Credit: Frankie Lord

The couple from Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, spent just £5,000 on the conversion which includes a double bed, kitchen area, shower room and a throne-style toilet.

After doing such a great job and enjoying the whole experience, Frankie decided to team up with his oldest friend Philip Reed to renovate a second circus wagon.

The team made the second wagon almost identical to their first, but this time added a hidden bath as well as a one-of-a-kind resin floor.

Frankie and Philip have now put the unique home up for sale at just £85,000.

The circus wagon wetroom
The circus wagon comes with a wetroom with a full spec shower. Credit: Frankie Lord

Speaking today, Frankie said: “We have completed both of the wagons now, the first was for myself and Olivia, my partner.

“It was during lockdown that I made the decision to convert one as they were just sitting on the farm.

“I heard George Clarke on the radio saying that he was creating a new show so I applied and suddenly the cameras were there.

“Philip came onboard as he ended up helping me a lot during the first build and we knew we wanted to continue building together.

“The second wagon has a hidden bath under a seating area and the resin floor is one of a kind, we also have a hidden television and a Belfast sink.

“We incorporated the golden throne that George suggested in the wet room.

“The two wagons are the only two in the United Kingdom and we have converted both of them, they belonged to Jolly Circus, we invested a lot of time and hours in the conversion.”

Frankie believes that appearing on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces has helped him build the wagon faster than he imagined.

Speaking about his time on the show, he said: “It was odd and very nerve racking when the cameras first turned up but they were lovely.

“You feel like you know what you’re doing until the camera starts and then you forget it.

“George and the whole team were really lovely though, it is nice to relive the moment and watch it back.

“It was a really positive experience, it pushed me a lot as if they were not there I would have just pottered on.

“We completed the build in four months but it would’ve taken me about a year if I had just been on my own.

“George said it was heart-warming and eye-opening what we had done and he seemed genuinely amazed.”

The two wagons were previously owned by Jolly Circus but have been painted with the words ‘Frankie’s Circus’ on the side in red and yellow.

Frankie and Olivia kept the circus theme in their home, using colourful cushions and bright colours for the interior.

They stripped the interior and separated the bathroom and living space with a dividing wall.

Geometric tiles were added to the floor, alongside reclaimed wood countertops.

A copper bathroom sink and matching shower head, matt black taps and marble effect tiles were added to the bathroom.

In the kitchen, the couple used reclaimed wood for the countertops and a geometric tiling on the floor.

The newly completed wagon that is up for grabs has been designed with the same layout as the original but with a few extra details.

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