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“Oh what, you didn’t tell me it spins!” – Hilarious video shows Scot’s reaction to carnival ride

A HILARIOUS video shows a Scot’s terrified reaction after being persuaded by his girlfriend to go on a rollercoaster.

Kayla Leitch filmed herself struggling to contain her laughter as Liam Kiely clutched onto the ride at Galactic Carnival ride outside Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow on Saturday.

The video shows Liam, 23, looking absolutely horrified as the Spinning Coaster cart moves back and forth along the tracks.

As the ride begins to climb higher up the track, Liam can be heard sheepishly saying: “Kayla, you said this wasn’t high”.

Kayla, 25, then replies: “It’s not that high.”

As the cart continues to throw the couple from Glasgow around, Kayla struggles to stop laughing at grimacing Liam.

Liam then appears to look for reassurance that his torment will be coming to an end soon as he asks Kayla how many times the ride goes around the clip.

He then says: “My stomach, my stomach man.

“Brace yourself, look at the dip in that.”

Liam said: “Oh what, you didn’t tell me it spins!"
Liam said: “Oh what, you didn’t tell me it spins!” (C). Kayla Leitch

The ride then starts speeding up and dipping down again as the scared Scot pulls his head back and lets out a loud “Oh!”.

He then says: “F**k this man.

“No, no, no, no, no, f***ing hell.

“Is that it, tell me that’s it?

“Oh what, you didn’t tell me it spins.”

Kayla laughs into the camera before panning back over to Liam who looks like he is holding on for dear life.

The clip comes to an end as the Scots couple continue to spin around.

Kayla posted the clip onto TikTok on Tuesday, writing: “Easily the funniest moment of my life.”

The video has attracted over 420,000 views and more than 36,000 likes.

Thousands of viewers left comments after being left in stitches by the clip.

Sammy Moon said: “Your laugh made this so much more funnier.”

Amanda Tominey said: “I love that even though he is terrified he is holding on to your bar too to keep you safe.

“He’s a keeper.”

Liam and Kayla.
Liam and Kayla. (C). Kayla Leitch

Julie Morrison said: “This had me in absolutely stitches.”

Gareth Norton said: “When he braces himself for the drop.”

Speaking today, Kayla said: “I went on with my six-year-old nephew.

“Liam got in the queue and turned back, absolutely refusing to go on.

“Once I got off I spent about ten minutes trying to convince him to come on and he just refused, but agreed to go on another galactic-type ride that tilts and spins you.

“We waited 45 minutes and as we got on he started to panic asking if he could just get off, but I managed to talk him into staying on.

“It lasted for all of one minute and as soon as it was over he said ‘f*** it, I’ll just go on that other one’.

“So we headed straight over to stand in the queue.

“Liam happened to know one of the boys letting people on and off the carts and he encouraged us to come up the exit stairs to get on quicker because he saw how nervous Liam was.

“As soon as we got on he started to sweat but he still stayed quite calm.

“It wasn’t until we got to the top he had a total reality kicked in and that’s when I began videoing his reaction.”

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