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Proud dog owner shares images of glowing report card from pup’s first day at doggy daycare

A PROUD dog owner has shared images of her pup’s glowing report card from their first day at doggy day care.

Katie Ortell was delighted after being handed over Rey’s progress report last week and finding out he had been a very good boy while being looked after.

The 41-year-old health care worker had been nervous leaving the golden retriever to his own devices but quickly realised she had nothing to worry about.

Rey the Golden Retriever
10-month-old Rey was a star at his doggy daycare. Credit: Katie Ortell

Images show the 10-month-old pooch’s blue personal report from Valley Inn for Pets in Hadley, Massachusetts.

It reads: “Rey is a very sweet boy. He had so much fun playing with his new friends. He was a very well behaved boy.

“During play groups he was very active and loved wrestling and chasing his buddies around.

“We loved having him and can’t wait to see him again.”

Under the section for, “Today your dog was….”, the boxes for ‘playful’, ‘energetic’, and ‘sweet’ were ticked.

Rey with his bandana
Rey pictured at doggy daycare on his first day. Credit: Katie Ortell

The canine daycare worker also noted down that Rey played with other dogs named Rosie, Malibu and Phoebe.

And his activities for the day included ‘wrestling’ and ‘playing with staff’.

An adorable photograph also shows Rey on his first day sporting a light blue bandana around his neck and wearing a backpack with his favourite toy inside.

Katie, from Belchertown, Massachusetts, shared the images on social media shortly after being reunited with her beloved pooch.

She said: “First day of puppy daycare, I absolutely loved his report card.”

Her post has become an instant hit with dog lovers, attracting over 12,000 likes and more than 700 comments.

Christy Cieboter Costa said: “The best pup ever. What a doll. Wish I had one.”

Kristin Gelinas said: “Oh my heart. He’s the best puppy, the report card is fantastic.”

Crissy Smith said: “Aww sounds like he’s the teacher’s pet.”

McKenna Biven said: “This was so cute, my golden boy would have the ‘giving most kisses’ most definitely marked off.”

Lenore Stoia Logsdon said: “This is adorable.”

And Terri Komarek-Urbanek said: “Aww he has a little backpack. What a sweetheart.”

Speaking today, Katie said: “I’ve had Rey since the day he was born, I was there for his birth and he came home with me seven weeks later.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him home for so long.

“He would just sit at the door with those big sad eyes and it broke my heart.

“So far he seems to really like daycare.

“He’s a very sociable dog so it was nice to hear he had made friends on his first day.

“I was extremely nervous about leaving him as it was our first time being separated for longer than a couple of hours.

“I may have even cried a little.”

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