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A Guide To Finding The Right Car For Your Lifestyle Needs

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Going vehicle shopping can be a bit daunting; there’s a lot to consider, and it can be challenging knowing where to start. 

With some careful planning and research, you’re sure to find the perfect car. To make the process easier for you, we’ve come up with some of the best tips!

Top Tips

Think about your needs

Think about how the car can serve your daily needs. How many people need to fit into the car? Do you drive often? Is fuel economy important? What areas do you drive in the most, the highway, suburbs? Lots of stop-and-go traffic?

How much cargo space do you need? Consider the parking space you have at home, will an oversized car fit, or do you need to downsize.

Look for cars that tick these boxes, this way, you’ll be sure that you’re heading in the right direction and one step closer to your perfect road companion!

Safety, fuel, and special features

Safety is likely a significant priority. Those with children will likely want a car that has been certified safe by relevant authorities.

Consider the safety features you’d like to better your driving and make you feel more comfortable on the roads. You might want automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, or lane departure warning.

Fuel is an ongoing expense once you have a car. If you drive long distances, you may want to think about getting a fuel-saving car.

Cars come with loads of exciting features and add-ons. Think about what you’d like; this could be Apple car play, a sunroof, leather seats, or a good sound system. 

Create a budget

Most of us will need to pay our car off over time. It is essential to consider your finances and how much you can afford to spend on a car each month. Along with paying for the vehicle, you will need fuel, insurance, and maintenance.

A general rule of thumb is that your car payment each month shouldn’t be more than 15% of your salary. Creating a budget is the most important part once you’ve figured out what type of car you’re looking for!


Consider where you live and where you drive. If you live in the country or in a town with big roads, an SUV or 4×4 would be excellent.

Whereas the Audi A3 may be a better fit if you live in the city or somewhere with small roads and minimal parking space. You want to be sure that you can easily and comfortably drive around.

Buying or Leasing?

Both of these options have their pros and cons. You need to weigh these up and see which route is for you.

Buying yourself a new car or a secondhand one is a great expense at first, and your monthly repayments are relatively high. But once you’ve paid this off, the car is yours! And on the other hand, leasing a car is cheaper, and the monthly payments are lower.

However, when your lease ends, you’ll be without a car and have to start finding one again. 

Test drive the car

The car may look like a beauty, have excellent features, and tick most or all of your boxes. But how does it drive? As a car buyer, you should book a test drive at your local dealership.

Take time to evaluate every part of the car during the test drive, assess how it drives, brakes, takes corners, and if it’s spacious enough and has comfortable seats. You want to spend your money on something you enjoy driving and can be comfortable in. 

man driving car during golden hour


Which is better, a new or used car?

A used car is generally the cheaper option, and its value doesn’t depreciate as quickly as a new car does. Again, it all comes down to personal preference. A used car is still a car, but ensure that you purchase the vehicle from a reliable source.

Should I buy a manual or an automatic?

Depending on your circumstances, an automatic is generally more comfortable and easier to use for the driver, while a manual is more involved and less expensive.

What factors should I consider when I go car buying?

Consider all costs; this includes the car, fuel, maintenance, etc. Consider the residual value, the features, and the brand of the vehicle.

Final thoughts

Figuring out precisely what you want from your car is the best way to start, and it will lead you to the options that are ideally suited for you. You want a vehicle that will make you happy, that is practical, and fulfils your needs. 

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