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Top Stories"Fail" - Shocking video shows bus driver "on test" hitting parked lorry

“Fail” – Shocking video shows bus driver “on test” hitting parked lorry

A SHOCKING video shows the moment a learner bus driver “on a test” collides with a parked lorry and completely ripped its wing mirror off.

Driving instructor Daniel Smith captured the collision on his dashcam whilst out on a lesson in Liverpool in February.

The 43-year-old said he spotted the examiner wearing a high-vis vest in the vehicle just moments before the incident.

Footage shows the single deck bus driving in the left hand lane as traffic travels in the same direction on the right.

The learner appears to be driving too close to the kerb as he approaches a parked white lorry which is mounted on the pavement.

Hurtling down the road, the bus then scraps along the side of the stationary lorry and completely rips off its own wing mirror.

Debris can be seen all over the road alongside the bus wing mirror that is wobbling around in the road.

As Daniel’s car approaches the lorry there is debris over the road as well as the entire bus wing mirror which is wobbling around on the tarmac.

Another camera captured Daniel’s reaction to the crash, showing him and his student gasping in shock.

Daniel shared the video on TikTok yesterday, writing: “Bus driver on a test… they failed.”

The post has now collected over 100,000 views and thousands of likes from social media users.

Viewers were shocked by the footage.

The bus after hitting the lorry
The wing mirror from the bus was left wobbling on the road.

One said: “And at that moment the person on the test went ‘yeah, I don’t think this job is for me’.”

Another wrote: “That is shocking driving.”

A third joked: “Definitely the cyclists fault.”

While one person added: “Red flag, too much debris on the track.”

Speaking today, Daniel, from Liverpool, said: “We were side by side with the bus beforehand and I noticed a guy behind the driver sitting with a high-vis.

“He also had a DVLA tag around his neck.

“It was further down the road that we ended up behind them and that happened.

“I heard the noise first and then just gasped, I was just really shocked.

“It looked like a guy walked out of the bus and picked the wing mirror up.”

Speaking today spokesman for bus company Arriva said: “I can confirm we are aware of this incident, the learner was not sitting their test, but was out on training.

“The matter was investigated and dealt with according to Arriva procedures.”

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