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Off-duty police officer filmed detaining teen who allegedly mugged children while ‘threatening he had a knife’

AN OFF-DUTY police officer was filmed detaining a teenager after he allegedly mugged two children while ‘threatening he had a knife’.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu captured the tense altercation next to a bus stop in Bromley, south London yesterday.

Bromley MPS yesterday revealed that the officer, dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a purple t-shirt, intervened to restrain the 14-year-old suspect after he stole a phone.

The teenager who was held in an-arm lock by the brave officer also allegedly threatened to use knives.

The video shows the officer restraining the suspect who is lying facedown on the pavement and is wearing a black parka jacket.

The officer is holding him to the ground whilst firmly gripping his arm in a lock to ensure he doesn’t attempt and escape.

Whilst on the ground the off-duty officer ensures worried onlookers that he is a police officer and that he has detained the suspect because of the robbery and possible knife threat.

He also asks onlookers to call 999 before another child in school uniform shows the officer’s badge to concerned civilians to reassure them.

The off-duty officer can be heard saying: “I’m not hurting him, I’m detaining him.

“Don’t go around robbing children.

To which the teen replies: “Yes boss I am sorry I can explain.”

The officer continues: “Are you ringing 999? Ok, I don’t want to hurt him, I’ve got no interest in hurting him.

“Off-duty police officer, urgent assistance.”

Upon being questioned by the group of onlookers about his actions he adds: “He’s got a knife.”

Before telling the suspect: “Relax, just relax.”

To which the boy replied: “Bro I can’t relax, I’ve got ADHD innit.”

Bromley MPS shared a statement addressing the altercation to Twitter yesterday writing: “We’re aware of a video showing a male being detained in Masons Hill, Bromley earlier.

“An off duty officer bravely intervened after a robbery where a phone was stolen and threats of knives were used.

“He safely restrained the 14-year-old suspect until on duty officers arrived.”

Shola also shared her video to Twitter yesterday writing: “The shock I got while driving to see a man grab a white boy from his neck off his bicycle and struggling forcefully with him.

“Omg, I got out to try to stop it/make sure the boy was ok.

Police officer detaining teenager
The off-duty police officer asked for onlookers to phone 999 whilst restraining the teenager.

“It was an off duty police officer-he said the boy had a knife and had threatened other kids.”

The post has now collected thousands of likes and comments from users who were mixed in their response.

One user said: “Valuable lesson – Perception! Things are not always as they first appear.

“Why on discovering your error (this was actually a police officer detaining a boy with a knife) you continue to film.

“What possible reason could you have for sharing the video on social media, it baffles me.”

Another member added: “Thank you for caring enough to stop and make sure he was ok. We need more like you in the world.”

One user wrote: “Excellent police work…Shame about the narrow minded self interests of those who’d rather film and try to debate rather than help.

“But, well, it tells us much about those people.”

Another commented: “Well done to the off duty officer. Lawful, reasonable and proportionate use of force.

“Shame the school kids are the second most responsible people present by obtaining the officers warrant card and phoning 999 as requested for assistance.”

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