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Tiny ‘self contained studio flat’ with bed above miniscule living area up for rent at £866pm

A TINY ‘self contained studio flat’ that is so small that the bed has been put above the living area has been listed to rent at £866-per-month.

The ground floor property in Bournemouth, Dorset, has been modernised with bright furnishings but does not appear to be much bigger than a single garage.

Images show a double bed placed on a platform above the miniscule living area where a double brown sofa has been placed.

The flat in Bournemouth
The bed lies above the living area. Credit: Kingsley Property

The sofa has been positioned facing the wall in front where legs would be able to reach when extended.

The sole bed has been placed in the bespoke area above the living area and is accessed by diagonal wooden steps.

Potential tenants will have to duck down when getting in and out of bed to avoid injury.

A mini kitchen area comes with a cooker, sink, microwave oven and four cupboards.

The shower head in the compact bathroom looks as though it would not only clean the tenant but also the sink and shower at the same time.

Overall, in total the main area, aside from the bathroom, of the property do not appear to be much bigger than 7 x 12 ft.

The wetroom
The wetroom has the only toilet in the home. Credit: Kingsley Property

The property does come with double doors leading to a decking area so tenants would be able to enjoy summer evenings out in the open.

Kingsley Property listed the property on Facebook Marketplace on Friday.

One of their agents, known as Lucy, said: “I am delighted to offer this self contained studio flat available immediately, located close to Boscombe Beaches.

“The apartment is fully self contained and all bills are included in the price.”

She added: “Kingsley request one month deposit and weekly or monthly payments to suit.

“No credit checks or referencing.”

House-browsers have slammed the agent on social media for the eye-watering price tag.

One said: “A mere £866 a month for a property with no room to store anything, no oven and no space for a washing machine.

“I think it was a garage before the stunning (as in I am stunned that they think this is habitable) renovation.”

Another wrote: “I was expecting some posh part of London, not Bournemouth, I knew it was an expensive area but didn’t think something like this would exist.”

A third added: “I never understand the wetrooms as the only bathrooms. Imagine having to tell a guest to leave their shoes on or take off their socks.”

However, one person disagreed, adding: “Actually as a home when you have your first job and you live away from your parents, I think this studio flat will be good, it looks quite trendy.”

Bournemouth has a population of just over 514,000 which swells in the summer months with tourists seeking sun and sand at home.

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