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Provacan CBD Review

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The UK’s CBD consumer market is the biggest in Europe. It is worth over £400 million at the time of writing and set to at least double in the next few years. Unfortunately, it is also a market with an extremely low barrier to entry. Practically anyone can throw oil into a bottle and claim it is CBD.

The growth of the industry means that prices are falling rapidly. However, ‘cheap’ CBD oil could be filled with chemicals and pesticides. What you need are CBD products from brands you can trust. Provacan is a company that has developed a reputation for bringing a scientific outlook to the CBD industry. Let’s see if it walks the walk in this review.

Who Is Provacan?

The Provacan CBD brand is one of the largest cannabidiol sellers in the European Union. Everything it does is led by the latest innovation and research in the industry, according to the official Provacan website. It utilizes CiiTECH researchers' expertise in a bid to provide the highest-quality CBD products in the world. For the record, CiiTECH is an Israeli cannabis biotech company.

By the CBD industry standards, Provacan is an old hand, as it was formed in 2016. A few years ago, it was still the only seller of UK-certified kosher cannabis products in Britain.

Can You Trust This Brand?

The simple answer is ‘yes.’ Apart from links with a globally respected research firm, Provacan’s five years in the industry have helped establish a positive reputation for trustworthiness. Unlike many CBD companies, we know plenty about Provacan. For example, we’re aware that Clifton Flack, a highly-regarded name in the CBD industry, is the founder.

The hemp used by Provacan for its CBD range comes from an organic supply cultivated in the European Union. The brand also uses closed-loop CO2 extraction to take the cannabinoids from hemp. This is an extremely sophisticated extraction method that ensures no residual solvent remains.

The Provacan process also involves harvesting relatively small batches at a time. Its extraction the method involves a low temperature and low-pressure environment. This ensures the preservation of the cannabinoids. Also, you can find certificates of analysis with each Provacan batch. Check them out to see their content. It provides proof of no chemicals or pesticides.

The Provacan Range

Go to the official Provacan website, and you can purchase the following:

? CBD oils

? CBD gummies

? CBD e-liquid

? CBD capsules

? CBD edibles

? CBD topicals

? CBD isolates

? CBD vape products

? CBD bulk

The above is one of the largest ranges of CBD products you will find on the market. The CBD oil comes in four concentrations: 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg. Provacan claims that the largest option is a limited edition, but it has been available for several months.

Unlike most CBD brands, Provacan doesn’t try to change the bitter and earthy taste of organic hemp. It only has a natural-flavoured option with no sweeteners added.

If you want great-tasting CBD, look no further than Provacan’s CBD gummies. These delicious mixed fruit-flavoured offerings contain 10mg of CBD apiece. There are 10-pack and 50-pack options. 

Of the Provacan range, perhaps its CBD lozenges are one of the most innovative products. Very few brands offer this edible form, which comes in Peppermint, Blackcurrant, Orange, and Honey& Lemon flavours. Each one comes with 2mg of CBD, and they are ideal for microdosing.

Using a lozenge is as simple as placing one in your mouth and allowing it to dissolve slowly. You can use each one for up to 20 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Provacan CBD has one of the best ratings on independent websites of any cannabidiol company, in the UK or globally. On Trustpilot, for instance, it has a rating of 4.6 stars from over 1,000 reviews. In general, it seems to get an average rating of at least 4.5 stars, or 9/10 on third-party review sites.

If you live in the UK, you’ll find that it is legal for use. All Provacan products are delivered from Kettering in England. The company also offers a 30-day return policy. Return a product within that time frame in a sealed and unopened box, and you’ll get your money back within five UK business days.

Final Thoughts on Provacan CBD

Overall, Provacan deserves its reputation as one of the leading lights in the CBD industry. It provides a fantastic range of products. Despite the cost of its extraction process, Provacan CBD is mid-range in terms of price, which is extremely reasonable.

It provides third-party lab reports with each batch and is a CBD brand you can trust. The vast majority of its customers are delighted with what Provacan offers. Therefore, if you still haven’t found a trustworthy UK CBD brand, Provacan is the answer.

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