Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Shocking video shows woman appearing to urinate outside someone’s front door in broad daylight

SHOCKING CCTV footage shows a brazen woman appearing to urinate right outside someone’s front door in broad daylight.

Natalia Stepien couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted the alleged incident happen outside her flat in north-west London last week.

The 23-year-old had checked her CCTV as she noticed a woman wearing red passing by the window and thought she was a Royal Mail courier delivering a package.

However, she looked back on her security cam to see that the woman had left her shopping at the top of the stairs before running down to allegedly relieve herself.

The video shows the visitor squatting down and looking up to check for people passing before allegedly urinating just inches away from Natalia’s front door.

The woman, wearing a red jumper and blue cap, then pulls up her trousers before making her way back up the stair, collecting her shopping, and casually walking away.

Natalia shared the video to TikTok on Wednesday, where it has attracted over 27,000 views.

Viewers were mixed in their reaction to the incident, with many defending her.

One said: “Some people have diabetes or blood sugar disorders where they physically can’t wait.”

Natalia responded: “I don’t give a f**k, there’s a pub next door and loads of grass and bushes that you could go in nearby.”

The woman walking up the stairs
Afterwards the woman walked casually up the stairs as if nothing had happened. (C) Natalia Stepien

Another wrote: “Are you seriously telling me you’ve never done this, even on a night out?”

A third commented said: “I am honestly so confused at all these people defending a woman p*g at your front door.”

A fourth added: “Not people trying to make excuses for her, this world is full of more sickos than I thought.”

While another said: “Why are people trying to justify someone p*g in front of someone’s house?”

Speaking today, Natalia said: “I was very shocked as the reason I clicked on the CCTV was because I was wondering if someone came to deliver a parcel I was waiting for.

“The woman who peed has a red jumper so I thought she was someone from Royal Mail.”

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