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Bright eyed and bushy tailed – Could this be Scotland’s cutest red squirrel?

AN AMATEUR photographer has captured adorable images of a fluffy red squirrel sitting in a log.

Anthony Cunningham snapped the adorable rodent in Barrhill Woods, Dumfries and Galloway earlier this month.

The stunning images show the majestic animal perched perfectly in between two logs whilst holding its paws together.

Cutest red squirrel
The squirrel was snapped snuggled between two logs.

The squirrel has a fiery ginger coat of fur on its arms and paws, a snow white underbelly and a grey back where its winter fur is begging to shed.

The adorable scavenger has large black eyes, a tiny pink mouth and large pointy ears with long fluffy hair above.

Anthony, 56, shared the images to Facebook on Monday writing: “When you can’t remember where you left your keys and then suddenly you remember.”

The post has now collected over 2,500 likes with hundreds of comments and shares from users who love the adorable pictures.

Heather Henderson said: “Oh my goodness this is just an overflow of cuteness overload, I love it.”

Jean Newell said: “Oh my goodness, that little guy is so cute!”

Penny Filmalter said: “I love squirrels, they are so darn cute.”

Gary Shields said: “Is that a squirrel in a canoe?”

Cutest red squirrel
Anthony captured the amazing images earlier this month.

Speaking today Anthony, a carpet fitter from Bedford, Bedfordshire, said: “It’s sheer luck most of the time.

“Barrhill is good for red squirrels, there was about five of them running around and it’s just about trying to catch them.

“I didn’t see them (the pictures) till weeks later, I was quite surprised when I saw them.

“They are cheeky little red squirrels. Down south it’s all grey boring squirrels as well but red ones have some real character.”

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