Tuesday, May 24, 2022
BusinessNorwegian tech companies complete merger in aid of shift to green energy

Norwegian tech companies complete merger in aid of shift to green energy

TWO MAJOR Norwegian tech companies have completed their merger in aid of the shift to green energy.

In Autumn 2021, it was announced that Cegal and SYSCO would merge into one technology supplier.

Today the merger will be completed and the former name, Cegal SYSCO replaced with simply Cegal.

With the roots in hydropower, and oil and gas, the new Cegal aims to become a global tech superpower, helping energy companies through the green shift.

Cegal CEO, Dagfinn Ringaas says that the energy industry “has a great need to deliver energy in new and sustainable ways.”

Cegal CEO, Dagfinn Ringaas said: “The energy industry has a great need to deliver energy in new and sustainable ways.

“The green transition means that huge investments are being made in technology transformation

“Our new profile emphasises that we will play a key role in the green transition.

“We also kept the Cegal name to preserve the company’s long traditions in the global energy sector.”

Cegals’ roots are in the global oil and gas industry while SYSCO has a leading position in the Norwegian hydropower and utilities industry.

One of the company’s new customers is the Norwegian electrical vehicle charging company Easee.

Kjartan Tjessem Østrådt, IT Manager at Easee said: “We look forward to finding out how Cegal can help us and how we together can develop solutions for the green transition, and which contribute to shaping the power grid of the future.”

The transformation of the international oil and gas sector and the shift towards renewable energy sources is now happening at an increasing pace.

The brand believes modern, cloud-based technology that simplifies complex IT solutions is the key to the success.

Cegal and SYSCO both have extensive experience in digitisation and modernisation with customers in this sector.

Ringaas said: “We will be clear about what we do: industrial software, world-class consulting services, as well as delivery of secure and stable cloud operating services.

“In this way, we become a strong contributor to driving the green transition, at the same time as we also deal with the challenges in other industries.

“Cegal will grow, but we will keep the flexibility, the pace, and the flat structure, with lots of energy and positivity.”

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