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Rudn Enclave is a charming housing society perfect for building your dream home. The society covers an area of 10,000 Kanal. It is being developed by the well-respected real estate firm ‘RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd.

NESPAK is the consulting firm that was involved in this project. This society is located close to Bahria Town Phase-8 and Adiala Road.


Rudn Enclave is one of the most anticipated projects by RMRSCO. Ltd, which will be located in Rawalpindi. RMRSCO (Pvt. Ltd was established in 2017 by Rahim u Din Naem, the CEO.

NESPAK Africa’s largest engineering consulting firm. RMRSCO’s primary goal behind this project is to create a luxury residential area at a very affordable cost.


The society is situated in a beautiful location on Adiala Road. It is also close to Bahria Town Phase-8, N-5 National Highway, and Chakri.


Rudn Enclave developers have requested the No Objection Certificate(NOC) from their respective regional authority, Rawalpindi Development Authority(RDA). The response from investors at this stage is amazing. In the near future, society will be granted the NOC.

The approval of NOCs takes a while because it is the authorities’ responsibility to ensure an adequate supply of essential commodities of life, such as gas, electricity, water, and sewage.


Rudn Enclave covers an area of 3000 Kanal. It is intended to be split into two blocks, General Block and Executive Block. The new map of the general blocks shows how the block is divided into sub-blocks, namely A through G.

Blocks A, B, C, F, and G are reserved residentially and comprise 5 Marla (7 Marla), 10 Marla (10 Marla), and 1 kanal residential plot. These blocks also include 4 Marla (8 Marla), 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plot, reserved for commercial use.

Block B is reserved for villas and will be sold when investors are satisfied. Blocks D mainly consist of 4 and 8 kanal farmhouses with some commercial plots.

The minimum width of linked streets is 30 feet; the minimum road width is 60ft. Main Boulevard is 200 feet wide and surrounded by 1 kanal plots.


Rudn Enclave payment plan is affordable to the working class. Rudn Enclave is located right next to the stunning sight of Khasal & Java Dams. It offers residential and commercial plots and luxury farmhouses within its General Block.

Reservations can be made with 20% down, and the remainder of the amount must be paid in equal monthly installments over four years.

Residential Plot:

Prices for 5 Marla plots are 12 lakh. The down payment is 1 lakh 80 000, and the 5% confirmation fees are 60 thousand. For 48 months, monthly installments cost 17 000 5 hundred per month. 10% of the cost price, which is 1 lakh 20 000, must be paid to obtain possession.

7 Marla plots are priced at 15 lakh 60 thousand. The down payment is 2 lakh 34000, and the 5% confirmation fees amount to 78 000. Over 48 months, monthly installments cost 22 thousand 7100 and 50 rupees each month. 10% of the cost price, which is 1 lakh 56 000, must be paid to obtain possession.

10 Marla plots are available for purchase at 21 lakh 65 thousand. The down payment of 3 lakh is 24 thousand 7100 and 50 rupees. A 5% confirmation fee amounts to 1 lakh 8 thousand 2 hundred 50 rupees. Over 48 months, monthly installments cost 31 thousand 5100 and 73 rupees each month. 10% of the purchase price must be paid to obtain possession. This is 2, 16 000, and 5 hundred rupees.

The price for 1 kanal plot in a kanal is 35 lakh, 28 000 rupees. The down payment of 5 lakh, 29 000 2 hundred rupees, and the 5% confirmation fees amount to 1 lakh, 76,000 4 hundred rupees. Over 48 months, monthly installments cost 51 thousand 4100 and 50 rupees each month. 10% of the price to acquire possession must be paid. This is 3 lakh, 52 000, and 8 hundred rupees.

Commercial Plots:

1 Kanal plots are priced at 1 crore 80 lakh. The down payment is 27 lakh, and the 5% confirmation fee amounts to 9 lakh rupees. Over 48 months, monthly installments cost 2 lakh and 62 thousand five hundred rupees each month. To acquire possession, 10% of the 18 lakh rupees cost price must be paid.


The price for 4 kanal farm plots is 985,000 rupees. The down payment of 14 lakh, 70 000 rupees, and a 5% confirmation fee amounts to 4 lakh, 90000 rupees. Over 48 months, monthly installments cost 1 lac, 42 000, 9 hundred, and 16 rupees. 10% of the cost price, which is 9 lakh, 85,000 rupees, must be paid to obtain possession.

The price for 8 kanal farm plots is 1 million and 75 lakh rupees. 26 lakh, 25 000 rupees, and a confirmation fee of 5% amount to 8 lakh, 75 000 rupees. Over 48 months, monthly installments cost 2 lakh, 55 000, 2 hundred, and 8 rupees. 10% of the cost price, 175,000, 50000, must be paid to obtain possession.


Rudn Enclave is developed with high-tech amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. Here are some of the most important features of this society.

* Gated community

* Wide Carpeted Roads

* Security and Surveillance

* Secured Boundary wall

* Transportation facilities

* Playgrounds and Theme Parks

* Mosques

* Shopping Complex

* 5 Star Hotels & Restaurants

* Healthcare Facilities

* Clubs for the Community

* Educational Institutes

* Graveyard


Rudn Enclave, a unique mega-housing project, always ensures that your investment is profitable. This land can create a steady stream of income and financial security.

Rent is passive income and can be a great way to generate passive income. The land is an asset that appreciates over time and is always in the owner’s favor.

The quality of life would be extraordinary, and it would prove an unforgettable experience for you and your family. You will always have access to basic commodities like electricity, water, and gas. It will be available at all times.

Rudn Enclave residents would enjoy a safe and healthy environment. Society is close to Rawalpindi. It is also easily accessible via the Rawalpindi Ring Road, which was recently proposed.


Q1 – What is Rudn Enclave? What makes it different from other housing societies in the area?

Ans: Rudn Enclave is a mega-housing society. Its modern infrastructure and high-tech security place it at the top.

Q2 Where is Rudn Enclave?

Ans: It is close to Adiala Road and is directly connected to the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Q3 – What is Rudn Enclave’s Installment Plan?

Ans: Rudn Enclave offers a simple 4-year installment plan. Bookings require a 15% down payment. 5% confirmation fee must be paid. To obtain possession, 10% must be paid off the total cost.

Q4 – Is Rudn Enclave accessible?

Ans: Yes, the payment plan allows working-class people to realize their dream of owning a home.

Q5 – How safe is Rudnenclave?

Ans: Rudn Enclave is very secure. It is a secure walled society with highly trained personnel and efficient security systems.


Rudn Enclave is a wonderful housing community to live in. The developers made no compromises in this project, which shows their sincerity and commitment to their buyers.

This society will see exponential value increases over a 3- to 4-year period. Hence, Etimaad International Pvt. Ltd guarantees that your investment in Rudnenclave will be a success. Sky Marketing highly recommends buying Rudn Enclave for investment.

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