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5 Customer Service Techniques for More Effective Communication

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Speaking to a customer can be challenging. Whether your communication skills are at par or need brushing up on, below are important and useful tips to help you mend and improve your communication skills. 


Customers tend to have different dialects, speech and use of words. It’s vital that as a customer service representative, one has the intellect and ability to decipher what language they must use. Superfluous and difficult words can confuse them. You want to use jargon that they can decipher and make the conversation has understandable and comprehensive as possible. 

Clarity is best preserved when both customer and representative have the same language. It allows for fluency and ease in communication. If the questions are straightforward and require you to make clear suggestions, or the questions are technical and require complex steps to find the solution, it is essential that one knows how to deal with either scenario.


A customer often calls distressed with their product or service. It is imperative that they’re met with a happy countenance and jubilant speech. Positivity in our words tackles the customers nerves head on and allows them to think that maybe they’ll find a solution for their problems. It helps call off the customers guard and opens a dialogue of trust and seamless conversation. 

Positive words have to be paired with good tone and speech. To ensure dialogue is most effective requires coupling encouraging words with a polite or amiable tone. Otherwise, it can give a sense of impoliteness and make the conversation awkward. 


Customers tend to be on edge when they call customer service. They’re often seeking an apology for their missed orders, damaged goods or delayed services. Apologizing for services that your company did make a slight in delivering is necessary to help diffuse the tension when speaking with the customer. It tells them that they’ve been heard and their pleas acknowledged. 

On the off hand, an apology can irritate the customer as they perceive it as a means to avoid delivering an actual solution. They think this as a tactic to avoid accountability. In such scenarios, be patient with them and offer probable solutions to help them know you’re earnest in helping them. 


A sure way to ensure a competitive advantage over customer services of rival companies is by ensuring you are clear and concise in your knowledge and delivery. Dealing with a massive influx of customers can be challenging which is why it’s important this process be made seamless and with as little limitations as possible. Internal phone number tags are a great way to deal with numerous clients and customers. In the event a sales rep isn’t available, the number gets routed to customer service who’ll be able to see where the client had called originally. He’d be able to provide accurate information and prepare beforehand probable solutions for them. 

Data Analysis 

A sure way to keep your services top notch is to analyse data and see sure ways you can improve customer experience. It will inadvertently improve your customer services. Data driven companies have the advantage of being on edge with their rivals and more information allows you to cater to deficiencies in your customer services and use it to your advantage. 

Enhancing communication is one of the easiest ways to build and improve the image of your company. Reassurance and empathy are quick solutions to gaining customer loyalty and trust. 

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