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Stunning video shows orcas surfacing just 10 metres from shore at Scots beach during sunset

A STUNNING video shows a pod of orcas surfacing just 10 metres away from the shore at a Scots beach during sunset.

Chris Broad captured the majestic mammals gliding through the calm waters off the coast of Forss, Caithness, yesterday.

The 31-year-old was shocked by how close to the shore they were swimming and captured an incredible video of the whales at play.

Video show the sunsetting across one of the country’s most northerly points as the orcas frolic beneath.

The peach orange sky glistens off the slow tumbling waves rolling into the shore whilst several orcas skim through the surface of the water.

Amazingly, two of the larger whales come within 10 metres of the rocky shore where Chris was standing.

Huge dorsal fins are shown poking high above the water while the creatures spray water out through their blowholes.

Chris, from Thurso, Caithness, shared the video on Facebook yesterday, writing: “Missed them in Thurso so headed out to Forss.

“I got there just in time and they were literally right beside me.”

The videos have collected over 5,000 views and hundreds of comments from amazed social media users.

Orca swimming in sunset
The majestic mammals were just 10 meters from the shore.

Rebecca Sinclair said: “Oh wow, amazing.”

Ruth Broad said: “I think you’re an orca whisperer.”

Janice Allan said: “Totally amazing.”

Kady Midgley said: “Wow, what an experience!”

Speaking today, Chris said: “Someone said they had seen them in Thurso but I missed them.

“I went to Forss Business Park and I saw them, they were about 10 metres away from me.

“I’ve seen them before a few times last year but never this close, it was quite incredible.

“They were only there for a few minutes, they weren’t hanging around.

“The sunset itself was amazing, it really made it.

“It was a really amazing experience.”

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