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Why Edinburgh Is one of the Best Places to Live In the UK?

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Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities to live in in the UK. It has everything from stunning nature, high viewpoints looking out across the Scottish sea, an excellent shopping scene and a vibrant nightlife. It is for all of these reasons that students, young professionals, and businesses flock to this highly sought after location.

But as with any capital city, all of this comes with a substantial price tag.

If you’re looking to move to Edinburgh, here are a few top tips on how you can save money on your rental property.

Why is Edinburgh one of the most desirable cities in the UK?

It’s easy to see why Edinburgh is such a desirable UK city to reside in. It has a little bit of everything that makes this city so unique. History and heritage, leafy side streets and large green parks, a buzzing town centre renowned for its modern shopping centre, plus a handful of award-winning restaurants and bars to visit. Edinburgh was recently voted one of the best cities to live in earlier this year, with a survey of Brits claiming the top three reasons for this were its selection of supermarkets (51%), green spaces (40%), and good schools (31%).

What are the best zones to live in Edinburgh?

Similar to London, Edinburgh is divided into different areas, each with its own name. Of these zones, there are a few highly desired locations to live in.

According to recent reports from First Mortgage, these are some of the more desirable districts to live in Edinburgh:

The West End

Littered with many well-kept Georgian houses, the West End is the perfect location for those who want to live in the centre. Surrounded by lots of the New Town, this area is perfect for local amenities.


Located just three miles out of Edinburgh, if you’re looking for a seaside retreat, look no further than Edinburgh’s beach town, Portobello.


If rich history, water-front walks and Michelin star restaurants are what you enjoy, Leith will be an ideal location for you. Situated around 3 miles North of Edinburgh city centre.

Renting in Edinburgh

Although Edinburgh is generally considered an expensive area to reside in, there are a few ways to make renting here cheaper. While there are some costs you’ll need to prioritise, such as your tenant’s insurance, there are others you can be more flexible on.

The number one way to save when renting is to opt for a house share instead of a 1-2 bed flat on your own. This means you can split rent and all utility bills with your fellow housemates. Another great way to save is to consider your location. The further out from the city centre you are, the cheaper your rental will be.

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