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Scots presenter Danni Menzies reveals how she learned to drive on family farm, aged 9

SCOTS TV presenter Danni Menzies has revealed how she learned to drive at just nine-years-old on her family farm.

The 33-year-old, who now presents Formula Woman Racing, was taught by her dad on her family’s Mains of Taymouth Country Estate in Kenmore, Perthshire.

Just a year later, when she was 10-years-old, Danni was then given her grandpa’s old Fiat Panda which she would drive as fast as she could over the golf course.

Danni Menzies at Formula 1
Danni learned to drive at just nine-years-old.

Danni, known for previously hosting A Place in the Sun, said she believes being allowed to do this gave her an “adventurous side”.

She was also given her first pony when she was 12-years-old and has fond memories of being out every morning and night playing outdoors.

Danni made the comments while reminiscing about her childhood with Scottish Field magazine.

Speaking in June’s edition, she said: “Dad taught me to drive on the farm when I was nine.

“I got Grandpa’s old car to drive around the farm when I was ten, so I always loved driving as fast as I could over the golf course without breaking the Fiat Panda.

“That probably gave me an adventurous side.

“Mum and Dad worked really hard when we were growing up.

“They’re so passionate about the Mains of Taymouth and the family history.

“For me growing up there, I kind of loved the fact that they were busy all of the time because it meant that I could spend all day down at the river or out with the horses.

“I got my first wee pony when I was 12. She was a knackered old thing, but I absolutely loved her.

“Mum and Dad aren’t horsey so I had to do everything myself.

Danni Menzies in her car
Danni used to drive her Fiat Panda over the families golf course, aged 10.

“I would be out there every morning, every night, and all summer holiday.

“I know Kenmore Hill like the back of my hand. I loved the outdoors and I loved being left to roam freely.”

She added: “My favourite thing as a child was summertime when we could walk out to the island at Kenmore Beach and jump off the rocks.

“I’d get excited to see the snow melt off the top of the hill because that’s when the water would be warm enough for you to go for a swim.

“We loved building tree-houses and dens in the forest, getting dirty and having fun.”

Despite now living in London, Danni enjoyed returning back to Scotland to visit her family on the estate.

She spent five years hosting hit Channel 4 show A Place in the Sun before following her love of driving and joining Formula Woman Racing earlier this year.

Formula Woman launched in 2004 and was a successful motor racing competition where thousands of women competed.

After almost two decades it is making a return and aims to find the next female motor racing champion.

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