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Combined Wagers In Betting

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The vast majority of the time, sports betting is a result of placing a wager on one side to win or the other. And if a placed bet turns out to be successful, they win. If it’s not, they lose. However, some bet types,  called parlay or combined one, can be based on two or more results. These bets get a larger payout and higher risk than they would if they had just placed as separate wagers.

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Typically, all bookmakers allow bettors to place combined wagers. At, you can add up to 20 selections in your wagering ticket! But before moving any further, take some time to familiarize yourself with combined bets in a greater detail.

What is Combined Bets?

Generally speaking, bets can be divided into two types. The simple stake, including one selection, and the accumulated one,  including two or more selections combined in a single bet. With accumulated wagers, you need to have all the selections successful to win your bet.

Let’s look at the example for a better understanding. Suppose you decided to place $10 on a four-game parlay with the following odds: 1.40, 1.55, 1.15, and 1.85. The total share of the parlay is the result of multiplying 1.40 x 1.55 x 1.15 x 1.85 = 4.63. Thus, if these four selections are successful, the profit would be €10 x 4.63 = €46.30.

Keep in mind that with this four-game parlay, each selection you added has to win to get the profit mentioned above. If any of these games lose, you lose the parlay.

Types of Combined Bets

Here are some more examples of combined bets so that you can quickly see how they work.

Double Bet

As the name suggests, it is a combined bet of two selections. Suppose you added Dallas Cowboys -3.5 and Cleveland Browns +7 to your betting ticket. The result is calculated by the odds multiple. To win a parlay, both of these selections should be successful.

Triple Bet

A triple bet is a combined bet of three markets in different sporting events. Suppose you added to the two selections mentioned above the third one – Chicago Bears -2.5. The result is calculated in the same way, and all three bets should be successful to win the parlay.

Combined Bets vs Multiple bets

Multiple bets can also be referred to as system bets. They consist of a combination where you don’t have to match every one of the selected events to make a profit.

For example, one of the most common systems bet types is a Trixie bet, where you need to choose three events with which you will be able to place four different bets in this way: three doubles and one triple. Finally, you need to have at least two successful selections to win. Thus, you can start winning from two hits in multiple bets, while in combined ones, you should have all the predictions successful.

How to Place Combined Bets? 

If you wonder how to make combined bets, think no more! Indeed, placing a combined bet is not as difficult as it seems. You just have to:

  1. Log into your betting account.
  2. Find a sport or several sports to wager on.
  3. Add the selected markets to your betting slip by clicking the odds.
  4. Go to your betting ticket and deposit the amount you want to place.
  5. Double-check your selections and place wagers.

Once you have added the desired markets to your betting slip, the system automatically calculates the resulting odds. Usually, you can add up to 20 selections in a combination. However, keep in mind that you are not allowed to make combinations of the same sporting event.

Pros and Cons of Combined Betting

Even though parlay bets have lots of advantages they of course have some drawbacks.


  • Minimum stake amount.
  • A potential for larger payouts.
  • Access to early cashouts to minimize the potential risk.
  • A wide variety of combinations ties in a single bet.
  • Added excitement to winning bets.


  • An option of increased risk.
  • Availability to wager only on different sporting events.
  • Higher probability for a long run with no winning wagers.
  • More instability in betting using them.


Overall, combined bets are a good option for those who don’t have a large bankroll and want to try their luck by winning a bet with a huge payout. Also, parlays come especially handy in combining wagers with low odds. The latter ones are not striking in the form of a simple bet, but with the odds multiplied, a considerable prize can be achieved.

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