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NewsDramatic footage shows car boot sale kicking off after woman allegedly accuses...

Dramatic footage shows car boot sale kicking off after woman allegedly accuses sellers of short-changing her

DRAMATIC video shows a woman getting into a heated altercation with two car boot sale sellers after claiming she was short-changed.

The irate bargain-hunter was filmed yelling at the middle-aged couple who were selling unwanted items at the event in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, on Sunday.

A spectator, Chris Morris, began filming after claiming the woman was fuming and kicked off when accusing the couple of short-changing her.

Chris said the woman then began grabbing random items from the stall and putting them in her bag after the sellers denied her claims.

The couple were captured getting into a tussle with the woman as they shoved each other around and pulled bags back and forth between them.

Video shows the male vendor telling the blonde haired woman to go to the police station before she refuses and says she wasn’t leaving without her bag.

The man shouts: “What are you doing, go to the police, go to the police then.”

The customer and vendor clash
The customer and vendor clashed at the car boot sale in Birmingham. Credit: Chris Morris

She then responds: “He’s got my bag, get me my bag now, he’s got my bag, get me my bag now.

“He’s got my bag. I am going nowhere without my bag, he’s got my bag, get me my bag.”

The customer and the couple continue to pull the woman’s handbag around before she picks up a white bag of clothes and throws to the side, away from the couple.

The clip then comes to an end while the group are still in disagreement.

Speaking today, Chris said: “It was at the Eboot (car boot sale) in Birmingham on Sunday, the woman in the green said she gave them £20.

“The couple behind the table who were selling had given her change from a tenner.

“After a heated argument and a bit of pushing and shoving, the woman in green said right then and started grabbing their stuff and stuffing it into her bag.

“It was at this point that the couple intervened and took her bag, she was screaming about it for a good while.

“When she got her bag back she started putting her stuff back in and then the situation fizzled out.”

Chris shared the video on TikTok where is has attracted over 60,000 views, more than 700 likes, and over 100 comments from shocked viewers.

One said: “Feral.”

Another wrote: “Never go car booting without being tooled up.”

A third added: “Dangerous places, these car boots.”

A fourth commented: “What the actual f**k.”

While one person said: “Wow, is it getting that bad they’re stealing from the car boots now?”

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