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NewsMum shaves £30 off energy bills by growing leg hair

Mum shaves £30 off energy bills by growing leg hair

A MUM claims that she has saved £30 in energy bills by not shaving her legs over winter.

After feeling lazy and busy with work in November of last year, Sharon Munro decided not to shave her legs – and hasn’t turned back since.

The 37 year-old felt it was pointless to shave, particularly while the weather was so cold over the winter, but has now praised the extra hair for keeping her legs warm.

Sharon, who was concerned about the rising costs of gas and electricity, now claims that the extra hair has slashed her most recent energy bill by an impressive £31.

Sharon shared a picture of her legs to Facebook and it split opinions
Sharon shared a picture of her legs to Facebook and it split opinions. (C) Sharon Munro

However, as summer returns Sharon from Harwich, Essex revealed that she has booked in for a leg wax next Thursday.

Sharon shared her bizarre money hack to Facebook yesterday writing: “Money saving tip.

“I’ve been saving money on my heating bill by not shaving my legs over winter.

“These have kept me warm since November.”

The post has gained almost 5,000 likes, and has collected more than 1,300 comments from users supporting Sharon.

One user said: “There is nothing better than shaving, exfoliating and moisturising, then jumping into fresh bedding.

“I feel horrible if I don’t shave but everyone’s different.”

Another user said: “When I was younger I never bothered shaving them over winter.

“But now I shave everywhere every single time I shower.

“It’s so much effort but I feel weird if I don’t do it, wish I didn’t.”

Another member said: “I have done the same.

She compared her leg with her husbands
She compared her leg with her husband. (C) Sharon Munro

“I chose to not regularly shave a couple years ago.

“It helps the environment, helps with bills and keeps you warm; win win.

“I shaved mine last night after six months and will only do it once or twice until October.

“And yes, I wear shorts.”

Another added: “Yes, let’s normalise the sight of ladies with hairy legs a bit more.

Someone else said: “Brilliant, I’ve done the same.

“I only shave if I want to wear a short dress and even then I might not shave if I wear skin coloured tights.

“Life is way too short to worry about body hair.”

Speaking today, Sharon said: “This was the first year doing it.

“To be honest, it was just laziness to start with and I couldn’t be bothered as I work full time and it seemed pointless in the cold weather when no one could see them.

“It’s surprising how much it has kept my legs warm.

“Even I was surprised.

Sharon Munro
Sharon Munro. (C) Sharon Munro

“My energy bill this month actually went down when I was concerned like everyone else has been with the rising costs of gas and electricity.

“My bill went from £189 a month to £158.

“I haven’t shaved yet, but I am booked in for a wax at my local salon on Thursday morning.”

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