Wednesday, July 6, 2022
UncategorizedPrimeOakmont Launches User Friendly Trading Platform

PrimeOakmont Launches User Friendly Trading Platform

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PrimeOakmont has launched a new trading platform offering CFD trading as the main format, and the platform has some innovative features directed at modern traders. The advanced software is believed to meet traders’ ever-changing expectations and requirements.

Obsolescence is quite a concern for most online trading platforms and a challenging that most struggle to overcome. With ever-changing trading landscapes and modern tech, traders’ needs are evolving at a pace that is alarming for any platform that can’t make upgrades at the same pace.

Software upgrades are easier said than done. They require proper planning, an understanding of the exact customer needs, and a big budget to start, develop, execute, test, and implement new changes through a team of many developers. Most small trading platforms stick to their original softwares, which causes them to be ejected out of the market within the first five years of their operation.

“To consider changing trader needs an annoyance is the first mistake any online trading services provider can ever make. Your trading platform is your ship and you have to sail it according to the changing conditions in the ocean. That’s just the truth and we seem to acknowledge it,” said the company CEO, Nathaniel Ferrin.

The evidence of advancement and modernization of the trading platform from PrimeOakmont lies in the fact that it can be used on any modern computer device. From desktop computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets, all the devices can easily run the trading software from PrimeOakmont.

The secret to such improved compatibility lies in the fact that the company offers a web-based trading platform, which is more like a website than it is a software tool when one thinks of it from the trader’s perspective. If a device can open a website, it can conveniently open this trading platform too.

“We have spent months on making this software user-friendly, and we believe after months of work, we have designed something that traders should be able to use proficiently within the first 10 minutes of usage,” says a senior developer at the company.

One of the biggest challenges that trading platforms have to overcome is to create a dashboard that’s clean and informative at the same time. It must have the essential trading tools, charts, and graphs while still offering a slate that’s understandable for the trader.

The developers have worked hard to create a dashboard that traders can customize to their liking. They can place the charts of their favorite assets on the dashboard, choose their positions, and easily replace them with new ones when they want. There are more than 6 different types of charts that traders can use when they are on the PrimeOakmont trading platform.

The integration of other trading tools is another big challenge, but the developers have overcome that as well. Nathaniel expressed, “A trading platform is merely a house without any plumbing, electric wiring, and fixtures. It’s the trading tools that make a trading platform any good. Ours trading platform allows the integration of more than a dozen different trading tools for traders.”

There is some level of automation available on the platform too. For now, it is not what someone would call a proper trading bot. Only the mundane and repeating tasks have been automated on the platform, saving traders time which they can spend on other productive activities, such as learning new trading strategies.

Copy trading is a feature that’s still under development. Once complete, the feature will allow traders to copy the trades of other experienced and top-performing traders in the market. This type of trading is also referred to as social trading, and has become quite popular in new traders since it takes away the risk of trading at the start of their careers.

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