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Bizarre video shows badger chasing dogs and pedestrians at busy walking area

A BIZARRE video shows a badger chasing after dogs and pedestrians at a popular walking area.

Locals have become concerned for the animal after the unusual sighting at the park in Cannock Chase, West Midlands, on Monday.

Video shows the recognisable black and white predator trotting along behind two barking dogs who are being pulled away by their owner.

The badger continues to follow the dogs and one point comes dangerously close to the French bulldog whose owner is heard begging the badger to leave.

The usually nocturnal animal then sets their sights on a woman who is crossing over a small body of water on stepping stones.

The badger follows closely behind her as she speeds up trying to get away from the brazen animal.

It then wanders away and onto a grass embankment before re-emerging back onto the public path.

Shortly before the clip ends, the badger then heads into the woodland area.

Badger pursues the dogs
The badger was out during the day despite being a nocturnal animal. Credit: Ben Clay

Bemused local Ben Clay captured the video and posted it on social media later on that day, writing: “Little badger came out to play at stepping stones in Cannock Chase.”

The video has gained over 245,000 views and more than 1,300 comments from viewers who were shocked and concerned by the rare daylight sighting.

Harris Dickenson said: “Might be worth a report to the RSPCA, that is not normal behaviour.”

Victoria Hedges said: “That’s not a good thing. That’s either a sick badger or one that someone has hand raised and released for some insane reason.”

Oli Bonell said: “It’s most probably riddled with TB acting like that in broad daylight and looks thin to me.”

Christopher Johnson said: “Showing who is boss, pleased no one got too close.”

Newman Kelly said: “Did he think the little dog was related to him?”

Kath Gebski wrote: “Poor thing, clearly something is wrong with him.”

Badgers are nocturnal creatures and are rarely seen in the day.

They live in large family groups in burrows under the ground known as a ‘sett’.

Cubs are born in January or February but spend the first few months underground, only coming out in spring when it is a little warmer.

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