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Asset management companies in the Swiss jurisdiction: key characteristics and benefits of owning such a firm

At a time when the stock market is currently at a poor level, asset management firms are trying to expand their own businesses and attract new investors to keep their positions. Asset management is the professional management of securities and other tangible and intangible assets. If you are looking to become the owner of a commercial structure and are want to get a profitable business for sale that generates stable income, an asset management company is a good enough option to start your own business.

The companies that manage the assets directly influence the investment market of the state. Today, such firms are not limited to investing exclusively in valuable documents. For a long period, many firms were simultaneously managing several funds with different asset structures.

Its main goal is to profit from investments for companies, funds, etc. that have invested their funds. For this, assets are transferred under the control of legal entities. They are licensed participants in the securities market. One of the main tasks of such companies is to manage investment funds.

Professionalism of Asset management companies

Transferring your assets under the control of companies is a process that is becoming more and more popular. More and more people want to have more profit without investing their time resources. You give your assets under the management of a good professional who will carry out all the required operations according to the agreement. Payment for services occurs at the end of the transaction, thus the amount is a certain percentage of the profit that the assets received.

Switzerland as a business jurisdiction and its dignity for different countries

The share of firms that are independent and manage assets in the Swiss market is difficult to measure. Any separate law other than anti-money laundering laws does not govern the institution of asset managers in Switzerland.

Switzerland is one of the leading jurisdictions for the establishment of an asset management firm, and there are many reasons for this. There is detailed legislation for citizens that guarantees a solid foundation for this.

The opening of Swiss companies is the excellent option, since the politics and economy are stable, unlike other states, where elections and different rules lead to constant and often strong changes in the conditions of activity. In addition, establishing an organization in Switzerland has the advantage that the actual costs of the company are deducted in full in addition to the simple operating costs. You can also deduct all expenses that are associated with transport, leasing and advertising campaigns.

In Switzerland, tax time is limited, especially for firms that manage assets. Thus, the calculated taxes are about 20 percent of income, they differ depending on the type of activity, and therefore opening a company in Switzerland is very convenient, compared to setting up companies in other jurisdictions.

Advantages of opening a company in Switzerland

  1. Image and quality.
  2. Regulations that was created specifically for ICO and crypto/blockchain companies.
  3. Consumers seek presence.
  4. Sparing system of taxation, namely in the canton of Zug, a huge number of acts on the abolition of the appointment of taxes at a double rate.
  5. The situation in the political process must reach a stable level, a benevolent and predictable government structure.
  6. Concealment of information at the legislative level (spheres of registration of opponents do not exchange registers).

Thus, we may conclude that advantages of jurisdiction in Switzerland are undeniable and clearly do not require a special description. Switzerland is a good platform for both a first-time entrepreneur and a businessperson trying to increase the reach of an existing business with help of an established company, or radically change the field of activity.

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