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Food delivery EuropaFoodXB

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Europafoodxb was founded in 2013 and since then the company gained the reputation of one of the leaders of the French market. Let’s learn why this Paddington-based company is so popular.

A knowledgeable team of 30  who work together just for one simple aim – providing UK clients with the most demanded products from Europe. The most popular direction is, of course, France but Europafoodxb cooperates with manufacturers from other countries such as Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Photo by Nico Smit on Unsplash

This start-up focuses on clients’ pleasant feelings experienced while traveling across European countries. If you have such an experience, you will be able to purchase products you tasted during your trips.

Every Internet user may buy products by simply visiting the EuropaFoodxb website. It is the place where all the foods are placed in different categories. Take some time to explore your favorite ones and ask questions in our online chat if necessary.

Our recommendation for you is to look through the fresh meats category where products made of different kinds of meat are displayed. For example, you will easily find food made of pork or beef and veal. Actually, everything depends on your preferences because duck & lamb products, for example, are also available. One more benefit of buying meat products there is that you can adjust the weight in some cases. The costs might be displayed per one kilo of a certain product. The category consists of a few sections. If you like pork products, such as sausage meat, pork chops with and without bones, pork filet mignon, minced pork, visit this section! In the beef & veal section, you will find beef bavette, beef bourguignon, rump steak, faux filet, beef entrecote, beef burgers, but also veal chops and diced, as well as veal sausages. One more section is poultry where you may purchase chicken breast steak, white chicken filet, turkey breast steak, chicken thigh, and chicken sausages. Be sure to look through the duck & lamb because it also displays several interesting options such as lamb chops, duck filet, duck foie gras, leg of lamb with and without bone as well as shoulder of lamb.

The shop will always inform you of the available discounts and sales. However, you need to subscribe to the newsletter in order not to miss something important. So don’t waste your time and do this right now online.

Delivery is free from 50£ in London, and 70£ for Great Britain. BUY NOW at

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