Sunday, May 29, 2022
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New Phoenix Hide rises at Loch Leven nature reserve

NATURESCOT have revealed a new hide on one of their Nature Reserves following the loss of the previous building last year.

The new Phoenix Hide at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve has been officially opened following the old building that was burnt down in 2021.

NatureScot Chair Mike Cantlay and reserve manager Neil Mitchell were joined by the Kinross Beavers, as well as representatives from the local community and businesses, to cut the ribbon and officially open the new bird hide to the public today.

NatureScot Chair, Mike Cantlay said: “To see the new Phoenix Hide rise from the ashes has been wonderful, and it just would not have been possible without the incredible efforts of the local community, businesses and the wider public.

Phoenix Hide at Loch Leven
Loch Leven is NatureScot’s largest nature reserve. Pictured is Mike Cantlay, Neil Mitchell (R) and Kinross Beavers

“The level of support has been truly heart-warming and demonstrates the importance of this special place for nature for the local community and beyond.

“As Scotland’s nature agency, our aim is to inspire many more people to value our natural world and I know that this beautiful new hide will play a vital role in doing that for generations to come.”

There was public concern in February last year when the much-loved Mill Hide was destroyed in a fire.

NatureScot’s Reserve Manager, Neil Mitchell said: “When the Mill Hide was destroyed last year we were all absolutely devastated.

“After the fire, what really came through was what a much-loved place it was for people near and far to come and connect with nature.

“We were determined to do all that we could to rebuild the hide and can’t express how grateful we are to the local community, businesses and visitors who contributed so generously to making it happen.

“The new building looks wonderful and I’m sure staff and locals alike are all looking forward to having this special place back again.”

Loch Leven is NatureScot’s most visited national nature reserve.

With more than 300,000 people a year visiting the site and using the Loch Leven Heritage Trail, NatureScot say this bird hide was one of the most visited parts of the reserve.

The new hide has been designed with a more open back to discourage any anti-social behaviour and includes a new camera to better record any incidents.

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