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Devastated Scots family issue warning about tilted window after returning home to find cat hanged

A SCOTS family has issued a warning about leaving pets at home with tilted windows open after coming home to find their cat had hung itself while trying to climb out.

James Williamson and his family have been left devastated by the incident at their home in Leven, Fife, on Wednesday.

The 60-year-old returned home from work and went out to the garden to play with his dogs, only to look up and see Clover hanging from the first floor window.

Clover the cat
James returned from work to discover that Clover hanged in the window. (C) Rebecca Williamson

He quickly ran upstairs to try and save the beloved pet but she was cold to touch and had already passed away.

The black moggy appears to have been trying to get out of the window through the gap but slipped and got her head stuck.

Tragically, the incident happened on Clover’s fourth birthday.

James and his wife Jacqueline, 60, took Clover outside and cradled Clover before informing the rest of their family about the tragic accident.

Now, the family has issued a warning to other pet owners to make sure tilted windows are closed when they are not home.

Speaking today, James said: “I went outside to play with the two dogs as normal when I got home.

“I looked up and saw Clover hanging from the window. I ran upstairs hoping I’d rescue her.

“She wasn’t breathing, she felt cold, her tongue was all dried up. I knew she’d passed away a couple hours ago.

“You could see on the window and window ledge signs of struggle, light claw marks and lots of fur.

“I headed outside and cradled her lifeless body in my arms, clapping and cuddling her.

“My wife did likewise, we called family one by one but struggled to speak.

“I never saw myself as a cat person, I got my first cat as my daughters wanted one.

“Losing Clover I’ve taken really hard, I’ve shed a few tears.

“Seeing Clover hanging there, and the pain and distress she must have gone through, crying for help and I wasn’t there for her.”

James and Jacqueline’s daughter Rebecca Williamson issued a warning on Fife Cat Shelter’s Facebook page yesterday, saying: “A very sad story to start the day but an important one to hopefully stop this happening again.

“My parents sadly lost their cat today after she became trapped in a tilt and turn window.

“Clover tried to climb in an upstairs window and became stuck when she slipped.

Clover the cat
The incident happened on Clover’s fourth birthday. (C) Rebecca Williamson

“Unfortunately my mum and dad were both at work at the time and came home to find Clover hanging dead by her neck in the window.

“We were unaware of how dangerous tilting windows are for cats and wish we’d known before so that we could have prevented this from happening.

“I am sharing this tragic story to spread awareness and hopefully prevent the deaths of more cats.”

Cat owners were left shocked by the incident.

Nikki Watson said: “No, the cat is so like my boy, this is so, so sad.

“Thank you so much for the warning, poor wee soul. It’s so sad to see posts like this R.I.P beautiful.”

Fiona Lilburn said: “Oh god. That’s horrible, poor baby.”

Alison Spencer said: “I am so, so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing.

“It must’ve been really difficult, sending love and hugs to you and your family.”

Sylvia Lyon said: “How very heartbreaking and terrible for the traumatic experience the poor cat endured before it sadly died due to the structure of a tilted window.

“Thanks for sharing, my thoughts are with you all.”

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