Sunday, May 29, 2022
PoliceUrban climber who appeared in court for scaling Kelpies has been caught...

Urban climber who appeared in court for scaling Kelpies has been caught again – but this time climbing tallest crane in Glasgow

AN URBAN climber who was slammed in court for scaling the Kelpies has now been fined again for climbing a huge crane in Glasgow.

Dylan Fraser was caught sitting on top of the 100ft landmark with his friend in September 2020 and slapped with a £200 fine at Falkirk Sheriff Court months later.

The 24-year-old from Carluke, South Lanarkshire pleaded guilty to breach of the peace and was apologetic at the time for his “reckless” antics.

However, the brazen daredevil doesn’t appear to have learned his lesson after filming himself scaling a huge yellow crane on Argyll Street in Glasgow earlier this month.

Dylan on top of the tallest crane in Glasgow. (C). Dylan Fraser

GoPro footage shows Fraser jumping over a perimeter wall while the narration says: “I went into Glasgow to climb a crane on Old Firm day.

“This is how it went.”

The free-climber then shows the ground level of the site which is in early stages of construction and surrounded by building materials.

The NDT technician, who does not appear to be wearing any safety equipment, then starts climbing a ladder until he is shown looking out across the city and buildings below.

Fraser then stops to take his gloves off and says: “I’m going without these gloves, it’s grippier.”

At this point a high pitched security alarm goes off and Fraser says: “Oh no, that’s the police coming down this way.”

He carried on to the top and filmed himself despite seeing the police on their way.
He carried on to the top and filmed himself despite seeing the police on their way. (C). Dylan Fraser

Remaining calm and collected, the thrill-seeker is then shown perched at the top of the crane – the tallest point of the mammoth machinery which reaches up to 239ft.

A large Police Scotland van is then shown heading towards the building site in his direction.

The clip ends shortly after he added a voice over note saying: “I got arrested, charged with breach of the peace and received a £40 fine.”

Fraser shared the video on social media on Friday, saying: “POV: Crane climb on Old Firm day.”

He added: “Tallest crane in Glasgow.”

The clip has gained almost 300,000 views and 15,000 likes.

Over 200 comments were left, many from people surprised at how lenient the police were with their punishment.

One said: “To be honest, £40 is a bargain.”

Fraser responded: “Better than dealing with the fiscal, I got let off light tbh.”

Another wrote: “Culpable and reckless conduct should have been the charge cited.”

The crane was over 200ft tall
The crane was over 200ft tall. (C). Dylan Fraser

A third added: “I work in graces which is the pub directly across from where you were climbing, everyone left the bar just to watch you.”

While another one commented: “My nephew died around five years ago in Edinburgh climbing and jumping off some scaffolding.

“Absolute madness, be safe.”

Dylan, along with his friend Brandon Nobre appeared in Falkirk Sheriff Court in December 2020 after footage of them climbing the Kelpies went viral.

Both men offered written apologies at court and Sheriff Derek Livingston stated they realised they had “messed up”.

Sheriff Livingston added: “It was, literally speaking, reckless. It was plain stupid.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said today: “A man was arrested for a breach of the peace after allegedly climbing a crane on Hutchison Street, Glasgow around 8.35 pm on Sunday, 1 May, 2022. He was issued with a fixed penalty notice.”

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