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Farmhouse that was owned by man and his unusual half-ton pet goes on the market for £175,000

A FARMHOUSE that was owned by a man and his unusual half-ton pet is on the market for £175,000.

Pontious Piece Cottages in Liskeard, Cornwall, once housed Tony Trewin and Highland cross bull Scrunch.

The four-bedroom property, which sits on a World Heritage Site, used to be where the inseparable pair would cosy up to watch TV together in the lounge.

The farmhouse was owned byTony and he shared it with Scrunch. Credit: Kivells

Tony would feed the Highland cross bull milk from a baby’s bottle in the house before putting him to bed in the garden shed.

And he previously described the unusual pet as being just as “loyal and affectionate” as any cat or dog.

Tony decided to keep Scrunch after stumbling across him in a frozen birth sack hours after his birth.

As Scrunch got older he would go out into the fields but would always return home with “heifers”.

Tony and Scrunch
Tony and Scrunch were inseparable for many years. Credit: JustGiving

Sadly, both Tony and Scrunch have passed away so now their home is set to go up for auction 27 July with a guide price of £175,000.

The property, located in Bodmin Moor, is in a state of disrepair and comprises two adjoining granite stone cottages.

Estate agents Kivells said: “The late Tony Trewin occupied Pontious Piece Cottages, in a most unconventional way.

“Tony lived without most modern conveniences and lived a simple reclusive life. What brought his story to light was the unexpected relationship he enjoyed with ‘Scrunch’, a Highland steer, which Tony rescued as a sick calf.

“Tony began letting the calf into the cottages on a daily basis for his feed and the two became more than master and pet, but actually bonded as lifelong friends.

“Sadly Tony passed away a few years later and his ashes were scattered a short distance from the cottages, on land still owned by our vendor.

“Scrunch was looked after and allowed to stay and enjoy his home until he died a few years ago of old age. He was also cremated, with his ashes being scattered next to Tony.

“This wonderful and unique story will no doubt be preserved as restoration to Pontious Piece Cottages takes place with another.”

Any interested parties can only view the property from 10 metres away as the safety of the building cannot be guaranteed.

In 2019 there was an attempt to raise £20,000 to make a documentary about the pair.

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