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Career Development Tips For Disabled People

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People with disabilities can be model employees and assets to their company, just like non-disabled people. You mustn’t allow your disability to serve as a barrier to your career progression, and the possibilities are endless when you put your mind to it. To provide disabled employees in 2022 with some handy advice, we decided to come up with this piece on career development tips for disabled people. Continue reading to learn more about how to propel your career forwards.

Form A Strong Relationship With Your Employer

Staying in excellent communication with your employer is especially important for disabled
employees since the 2010 Equality Act means modern employers are obliged by UK law to treat disabled employees equally and provide ‘reasonable adjustments’. So, don’t be afraid to contact your employer if you need special equipment, have concerns about the suitability of the toilets in the office, or you ever feel discriminated against in any way due to your disability.

Know Your Rights As A Disabled Employee

Knowing your rights will help you in your quest for career development as a disabled individual. Try being polite with others at work yet assertive, so there’s no chance of you getting overlooked or forgotten about for future promotions by your employer.

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Pick Up Extra Qualifications To Enhance Your Professional Development

Gaining extra qualifications can boost your career trajectory and help you be a successful
professional with a disability, whether you choose to do courses in specialist fields or more general ones. Why not get a Master’s degree qualification in business to enhance your professional development, increase your employability, and make it easier for you to secure senior job positions? These days you can make the most of online learning opportunities. Get your MBA online from WHU, one of Europe’s top international business schools.

Stay Strong-Willed

Don’t let the ups and the downs that you may experience throughout your professional life hamper your career development. Keep your head held high, and remember you are worth just as much as your abled-bodied colleagues as a human being. Be proud and driven in the attitude you adopt to your career progression.

Educate Your Colleagues About Disability Awareness

Responsible modern employers should make an effort to be disability confident by incorporating disability awareness as a critical element of their company culture and core values. One way to achieve this is by management participating in structured, comprehensive disability training whereby managers learn how to redress the grievances and concerns that disabled employees may face at work.

Share your knowledge, and make it your mission to try educating any of your colleagues who haven’t had much first-hand experience interacting with people with disabilities in the past, and are curious. Let your colleagues know about the little things they can do to make your life easier at work, such as clearing the floorspace and tucking in chairs so you can move around the office in your wheelchair with greater ease. Providing small practical tips to educate your employees about disability awareness and how they can help you will make your progressive career development a significantly simpler ride.

These are some tips and pointers to help disabled staff out there climb the professional ranks and ensure their career develops at a comfortable, steady pace.

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