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Shocking moment piece of loose wood comes hurtling off back of lorry and towards Scots mum’s windscreen

THIS IS the moment a loose board of wood came hurtling off the back of a lorry and towards a Scots mum’s windscreen.

Claire Naylor was driving along the A915 on Standing Stane Road between Methil and Kirkcaldy in Fife on Saturday afternoon when the incident happened.

The 28-year-old had four young children in the car at the time and was forced to brake heavily to avoid the piece of wood smashing through her windscreen.

Dashcam footage shows Claire driving along the road while a van travels towards her in the opposite lane.

A large sheet of wood that has not been secured properly comes flying out from the back of the van as it is almost side-by-side with Claire’s motor.

The Scots mum, from Kirkcaldy, Fife, quickly slams on the brakes as the item comes crashing into her front bumper.

She said she looked back after the van passed but claims the driver didn’t slow down and kept on driving.

Claire posted about the incident on Facebook on Saturday in a bid to track the driver down.

The wood flies towards the windscreen
The piece of wood flew towards the windscreen and caused the car to be written off. Credit: Claire Naylor

Sharing the footage, she said: “Anyone recognise this van or can work out a registration for me? My car’s a write off, I had four kids in the car when this happened.

“If I had not put my foot on the brakes when I did it would have come through the windscreen seriously injuring me and my kids.”

Her post received hundreds of comments from viewers who were glad to hear the family were unscathed by the collision.

Maureen Kane said: “Glad you and your kids are fine, that must have been very frightening for you all.”

Jenna Rodgers said: “Oh my goodness, I hope you and your children are ok and you find the person in the van. What a fright you would have got.”

Shane Fifield said: “That could have been a totally different outcome pal thank god it wasn’t.”

Alison Corr said: “Sounds terrifying and hope you find the driver involved.”

And Louise Simpson said: “So glad you and your family are all right.”

Speaking today, Claire said: “I was heading towards Kirkcaldy and the van was heading the opposite direction towards Leven, after the incident I checked my mirrors.

“I couldn’t see that he was stopping so I continued further up the road due to that road being a bad road for car accidents.

“I had four children in the car so I stopped when it was safe to do so and inspected the damage to my car.

“I have reached out to the driver to contact me so we can sort it all out the right way.

“I genuinely thought it was coming through my windscreen then I pictured my car in the trees.

“If I had never used my brakes when I did it would have definitely come through my windscreen hurting me and my kids if not worse.

“My ten-year-old was in the passenger seat and almost hit her head on the dashboard and my 11-year-old stepdaughter got hit in the face by her phone.

“My 12-year-old just screamed, it was horrible, I would just ask the driver of the van to come forward.”

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