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Jill of All Trades; The Incredible Journey of Dr. Rukmini Rednam

While most doctors specialize in a particular area, there are few who dabble outside of their comfort zones. This article breaks down the day and life of one very talented, versatile, and multifaceted board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rukmini (Vinaya) Rednam, of My Houston’s Surgeons in Texas. She’s also a social media influencer and YouTube personality, more notably known as Dr. Rednam (@dr.rednam).

Let’s take a look at the Houston-based surgeon’s rise to the top! 

Where it all began

At a young age, plastic surgeon, social media influencer and YouTube personality, Dr. Rednam became very intentional with her purpose and commitment to pursuing her goals. This paired with her surroundings; literally coming from a family full of doctors and professionals in the medical field, it only seemed fitting for Dr. Rednam to embark, and make her mark in healthcare by pursuing medicine–plastic surgery to be specific. Her determination to make her dreams a reality pushed Dr. Rednam to become more determined and focused in school, which resulted in her standing out amongst her classmates by maintaining honor grades–leading to multiple academic awards and achievements. 

Following high school, Dr. “Vinaya” Rednam went on to become a Conley Scholar, earning her way into medical school at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she spent four years of college and four years of medical school. In her third year of med school, she took a rotation elective and fell in love with the art of plastic surgery. After spending six years in Lexington, Kentucky, where she would complete her integrated plastic surgery residency,and additional year at the University of Florida completing an aesthetic fellowship, Dr. Rednam fifteen years post-high school, traveled to Houston to finally pursue her merited career. 

When Dr. Rednam chose the field of plastic surgery, she knew it wouldn’t come easy. Some of her highest moments came from overcoming challenging tasks. Navigating in a male-dominated profession as a quiet, five-foot-tall woman came with a few struggles as she found it difficult to be taken seriously in the beginning.  But by believing in herself and displaying confidence, she was able to not just be seen but respected.

 According to Dr. Rednam, “staying true to yourself is the best advice anyone could have, especially when going into any competitive field.” She often expresses the importance of young women not being intimidated by male-dominated fields. As a woman in general, proving yourself is a requirement to do pretty much anything. And fortunately, it’s a day in age where anything is possible. More women are surgeons now than ever before!

For Dr. Rednam, developing relationships played a big role in choosing her career path. Her social skills, sweet personality, and genuine care for patients make her the perfect fit for a plastic surgeon. “Building long-term relationships is important to me, and plastic surgery is the only kind of surgery that generally allows it.” 

Aside from that, she is a part of a large multispecialty group, made up of plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, and sinus surgeons. 

Her growth and leadership abilities have led her to several accomplishments. One of her  proudest accomplishments was the creation of her plastic surgery practice within t her group practice, My Houston Surgeons, of which she is a founding member.

Within the group practice, the board-certified surgeon’s scope consists of a wide variety of procedures. This includes body contouring, post-massive weight loss contouring, transgender surgery, mommy makeovers, and more—a little bit of everything. 

The present and future plans

The many years of hard work certainly paid off for Dr. Rukmini Rednam, allowing her list of skills to grow extensively. She specializes in all areas of plastic surgery, including aesthetic surgery of the face, breast and body contouring, and even hair restoration and transplantation. On her social media pages, she shares before and after photos of her work, giving her audience an inside look at the incredible transformations of her patients. 

In 2016, her YouTube channel launched, along with a series titled, “Dr. Rednam Girl Talk”, where she discussed surgery-related topics with her co-workers. Her YouTube presence opened the doors for what she was able to accomplish today. 

Although the popular plastic surgeon has been posting videos on YouTube since 2016, it wasn’t until 2021 that she started gaining a larger following—with the help of apps like Instagram and TikTok.

Currently, Dr. Rednam has hundreds of YouTube subscribers and over 23k followers on Instagram—which has grown exceptionally in the last year. 

Dr. Rednam continues to push the envelope for social media influencers and doctors by creating unique and inspiring art. She recently began a series called “TRANSFORM ”, a portraiture series that highlights her patients and their stories. In the series, Dr. Rednam sets up photoshoots every month for some of her patients—typically those who are a year or more post-surgery. Her plan is to share the journey with her future patients so that they understand the beauty of the recovery process and what comes after. “I want to let people know they can feel beautiful no matter who they are, in any shape or at any age.”

As a social media influencer, Dr. Rednam is in a unique position. She gets to blend her fun and creative side with her passion for plastic surgery. And the people are loving it! Time and time again, she proves herself capable of doing anything she puts her mind to. She’s a woman with many talents. A Jill of all trades. Check out her official website here.

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