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NewsShocking video shows man handing young busker note calling him a "miserable...

Shocking video shows man handing young busker note calling him a “miserable c**t”

SHOCKING video shows a man handing a busker a handwritten note branding him a “miserable c**t”.

Matt Johnson from Leeds, West Yorkshire had just finished performing Adele’s Easy on Me in his local city centre on Saturday when the rude passerby approached him.

Video shows 20-year-old Matt being handed over a folded up piece of paper while the person can be heard initially saying: “That’s for you mate, all the best.

“I love your stuff, you are f*****g amazing.

“You should do it without the backing track, you were f****g amazing, honestly it is I love it, f****g amazing.”

Matt is shown smiling before opening up the folded up betting slip which has a message scribbled on the back.

The person then walks away as Matt’s face drops after reading what was written.

His friend can then be heard in the video asking what is on the note.

Matt was shocked
Matt was taken aback when he read the note from the man. Credit: Matt Johnson

But at this point the person behind the message shouts: “Is that alright, yeah, stop reading the words off your phone.”

Matt then shows the note to his friend, which reads: “Buskers are supposed to cheer people up you depressing c**t, love from a real busker.”

The word “real” had been underlined twice in black ink.

Matt posted the video on TikTok on Saturday, writing: “Today I was busking and a guy who was rude to me last year handed me a piece of paper. Disgusting.”

His video has received over 2.1 million views and more than 187,000 likes from supportive viewers.

Almost 2,000 people commented on the clip, slamming the man for his insulting message.

One said: “He definitely just lost all his money in the bookies.”

Another wrote: “The fact it is on a bookies piece of paper says it all.”

A third commented: “Hey, I walked past you today and you were so good.”

A fourth added: “No this made me sad, you’re actually amazing.”

Speaking today, Matt said: “In the moment if I had said what I wanted to say I probably would have been just as bad as him.

“Now I’ve had time to reflect on it all and I’ve realised it’s nothing to do with me and he is just a bitter man.

“I hope he finds peace and happiness soon and stops dragging people down to make himself feel better about whatever is going on in his life.

“I think in the heat of the moment I didn’t even fully realise what had been said by him until I got home and watched over the live stream.

“It must have been the adrenaline from it all which made everything kind of a quick blur at first.

Matt had been performing a string of pop ballads by artists including Bruno Mars, Adele and Ed Sheeran in Leeds city centre.

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