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Ultimate Gambling Guide: Tips and Tricks To Win Blackjack

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So you’ve got into the world of playing Blackjack and gambling. Naturally, you’re going to want to get greedy to stay on top of things and prevent your losses. If you’re a newbie, that’s highly unlikely. Blackjack requires a significant amount of thinking, so it’s not like any other casino game you’ve encountered. It’s mano e mano(man versus man) between you and the dealer.

But don’t forget that since it’s still a casino game where lady luck has to visit and decide to stay by your side. Although Blackjack is still a gambling game, it’s one of the select few games that decide to give you a fair shot when starting. It’s all up to you to seize that opportunity.

Memorizing the Basic Terminology

Admittedly, the concept and the game’s rules are straightforward to grasp and comprehend – every player knows they need to get 21 exactly to beat their table’s dealer. However, for as long as casinos have been around, many beginner blackjack players have no idea what terminology they can use in Blackjack other than to hit for another card or stay and end their term. For starters, you can start your first few blackjack games at FanDuel Casino.

Knowing your terminology is one of the ways to stick out from the other beginners, so it would look like you can stand a chance against the dealer and other players. To “double down” means double your betting value, and you can receive one more card. When you have a pair of cards like a pair of 6s, you can “split” them to play as different hands with separate bets. Although a rare occurrence, you can “surrender your hand” to save half of your bet.

Try To Lessen the House Advantage

The house advantage would refer to the fact that the dealer would still have the advantage even when you lose. For example, let’s say you bust – go over 21, and the dealer also busts; you’re the only one losing in this case since no matter what, the player will always act first. To counteract this disadvantage against you, you need to be observant of the reactions of others to their cards and if they have “tells”. So, you better practice your poker face!

Read Up on Basic Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack isn’t always entirely up to luck, and it’s totally up to you to turn the tables.  As long as you’re aware of some basic strategies, you can utilize them to recuperate a shaky round. Just like with any other game, you will learn more strategies and become a better player as you play. However, you’re gambling with money here; unless you can confidently make up for your losses every single time, then it’s better to study first before playing.

Only after studying some basic strategies is when you can go all out when testing, but you should do it in moderation since you’re still in the trial phases. Once you’ve mastered the basic stuff, you can solidify your foundations or expand even further with different strategies.

Find Out Your Table’s Game Rules Prior

Different casinos play by different rules to ensure that the players cannot “cheat”, like using several decks to avoid card counting. Different rules also allow for different experiences, so make sure you find that out first before you engage in any gambling. Don’t jump the gun just because you’re excited to get your game face on.

You would need to find out the playing rules, and you would also need to look up the paying rules for every table. Before you use up your money, you need to know if their paying ratios are either 6:5 or 3:2. It would be best if you avoided the former since you will be making less. The ratios mean how much you’re going to gain for every dollar you’ve bet – for the 3:2 ratio, you’re going to earn $3 for every $2 you and the other players wager.

Learn How To Card Count and True Count

Although there are methods to stop people from card counting, it is still legal to do it while in the casino. Card counting is a way for you to keep track of all of the cards that others have already played to determine if you or the dealer will have the upper hand in the next hand. Card counting is one of the methods that a player can utilize to lessen the house advantage.

If you’re aware that the table you’re playing at uses multiple decks of cards to curb card counting, then there’s also the accurate counting method. A true count is a running count divided by the number of decks used, which will decide how much of an advantage you have when betting and playing the next hand.


You should trust your instincts when playing Blackjack, and you should trust yourself and nobody else. Believe in your ability once you’ve gained the confidence to play without blunders on the table. Believing in your ability means that you should always avoid buying insurance from the dealer, which is a move that you should never even consider when playing.

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