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Ozzy Tyres: Taking Wheel Manufacturing to Another Level with In-House Brand Hussla Wheels

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Everyday car owners may not pay much mind to the wheels of their vehicle. Sure, they get regular tyre maintenance, but that’s only a part of what keeps the car moving. The wheel and rim business is a massive one, with companies around the world vying to be able to provide car owners with their top-tier products. But one company, in particular, is going above and beyond to make the wheel purchasing process as seamless as possible. While previous industry leaders are based in the United States, all the way out in Australia is a company taking wheel manufacturing to another level. Through customization and thoughtful manufacturing, Hussla Wheels is disrupting the market for the better.

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As a car owner, you have to change the tyres every so often. You don’t have a choice in that. But what about changing the aesthetics of your vehicle overall? This is done through wheel customization. Hussla Wheels understands the attraction of adjusting the look of your car to your liking. It can adapt to your personality, whether you’re interested in a racing vehicle that makes a statement or a more sleek option to communicate class. While adding a personal touch to vehicles can be done through color, stickers, and other accessories, changing the tyres is incredibly impactful in changing the vibe of your car. But how can this be done easily? Hussla Wheels has answered that question for all Australians.

This brand, created just 5 years ago by Ozzy Tyres, is a one-stop-shop for those striving to reinvigorate the look and feel of their car through the tyres. Tired of distributing brands and products from overseas, Ozzy Tyres wanted to take a different approach. They wanted to ensure the quality of what they offered, and also make sure that they were serving the specific needs of the Australian market. This inspired the creation of Hussla Wheels, which was named after the go-getter attitude of hard work that Australians embody. Since then, their website has been empowering citizens to order the best possible product that speaks to them.

Their website has the largest variety of styles, finishes, colors, and more. They consider all things when giving their customers choices, providing a huge variety to choose from. This way, the consumer isn’t limited by what’s available or in stock. Instead, they can go for the option they truly want. There are about 300 Hussla wheel models, each of which has multiple color options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for matte black wheels for a passenger vehicle, or glossy red to make your racing vehicle stand out, you have those options.

Beyond color, there’s another unique customization options that Hussla Wheels offers. They’re the only organization in the world that allows buyers to customize the offset of their tyres. That’s right: the entire world. This allows everyone, from newbies to even the most committed car fanatics, to purchase the wheel that speaks to them.

Serving both ends of the spectrum in terms of car experience is important to Ozzy Tyres and Hussla Wheels. They purposefully created the website to be as user-friendly as possible. The interface is sleek and easy to  understand, with informative descriptions and eye-catching videos that demonstrate what you can expect from the company. This way, people who have no in-depth knowledge about vehicles, wheels, or rims can still feel secure and comfortable knowing they’re going to pick the right products for their vehicle. It’s an entry-level website that eliminates confusion and replaces it with confidence.

Another way they ensure newcomers to the website are making the right choice is through their technical team. Hussla Wheels’s dedicated team of professionals reviews every order that comes through the website, checking for any mistakes or misguided choices. Then, if they have any advice or recommendations, they can contact the customer directly. This process ensures they’re getting the best product for their vehicle. This just goes to show that Hussla Wheels stays true to their fitting guarantee: that any wheels the consumer purchased will fit their vehicle 100%.

This elite customer service, combined with seemingly limitless customization options, is what makes Hussla Wheels a next-level company. They truly are the people’s brand, and have a much better understanding of the people of Australia compared to other international wheel brands. Hussla Wheels makes sure they suit the Australian lifestyle, market, expectations, and standards. Their company does it all, for everyone.

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