Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Randy vegans raving about retailer’s new sex toy range – in shape of egg plants, carrots and chillis

RANDY vegans are raving about Holland and Barrett’s new sex toy range that has been designed around the shape of vegetables.

The health and wellbeing retailer recently launched a range of vibrators replicating bananas, egg plants, carrots, corn on the cob and even a chilli.

The unique vegan-friendly toys have been an instant hit amongst vegans and cost £16.95 each.

Their Chill Pepper Bullet Vibrator has been described as: "Suitable for vegans.
The toys measure in at four and a half inches.

Their Chill Pepper Bullet Vibrator has been described as: “Suitable for vegans.

“Waterproof for shower and bath play. Body-safe food-grade silicone.

“Let’s bring some heat to your sexual health…

“Curved at the tip and powered with seven settings this chilli will hit all the right places and meet your sexual needs.”

A yellow realistic corn on the cob has been described as: “Designed with ridges and edges, the corn gives you a new healthy experience of pleasure.

“Small and discrete so you never have to go without your new friend!”

And another one reads: “Go bananas!!! Get one of your five a day with our new banana vibrator.”

Happy customers have been raving about them online and on the retailer’s review section, with one buyer saying they had the best experience of their life.

One person, known as Belinda, said: “I purchased this spicy little number a few days ago and I have not been disappointed.

“I really like it hot between the sheets and Charlie the Chilli is really doing it for me.

“As a vegan, I applaud Holland and Barrett for finally bringing this range to the market.

“I’m off to have another go now.”

Another review read: “Powerful little bullet, lasted ages on one battery and is not as noisy as other makes, which is a real bonus.”

A third, from someone known as Karen, said: “At first I was a bit surprised at what I got as I was expecting a nice cob for dinner.

“I soon realised this was a whole other ball game, but being intuitive as I am I decided to make the most of this monster and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life.

Vegan Vibrators
The toys are listed for just £16.95.

“Well done vegetable, definitely not suitable for a vegan if you know what I mean.”

Another shopper commented: ”I wasn’t sure what to expect. But this had me shuddering with excitement.

“Certainly brings a new meaning to dangling a carrot. The settings are clear, but I’m not sure if the eggplant would have been better.

“But wa wa whoha can’t wait to show my boyfriend.”

Social media users have also taken to Reddit to discuss the unique toys.

One said: “I’m tired of being indifferent to the suffering of our animal friends. I will be replacing my pork chop-shaped vibrator.”

Another wrote: “And I thought my mum was going in to buy calcium tablets.”

While one commented: “Vegan sex toys…no harm came to animals.”

The range has an “over 18s only” notification on them and have all been made from Body-safe food-grade silicone.

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