Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Couple in stitches over tiny bathroom at hotel where husband was forced to kneel for a shower

A COUPLE were left in stitches after booking a hotel with a bathroom so tiny the husband was forced to kneel down in the shower.

Tracy and Phil McGlone were left baffled after seeing the size of their en-suite bathroom at Uno Hotel near London Heathrow Airport on Monday.

A hilarious video shows 54-year-old Phil trying to stand up straight in the mini shower but is unable to do so due to the extremely low ceiling.

The slanted roof is angled right above the shower nozzle which is mounted on the wall and around chest height for poor Phil.

Minding his head, Phil then clambers out of the bathtub and makes his way over to the toilet where he’s forced to shift his head to the left to fit in.

Wife Tracy, 50, said that Phil ended up having to shower on his knees in order to fit into the bizarrely sized area.

She shared the video to TikTok on Tuesday, writing: “This is the first time Phil has ever booked a hotel.

“He had to shower on his knees.

“I won’t be trusting him to book a hotel ever again!”

Viewers were left in stitches by the clip.

Phil trying to fit under the shower
Phil could barley fit under the tiny shower.

One said: “Omg no way!”

While another added: “Bloody brilliant.”

Speaking today, Tracy said: “I booked the hotel and it did look really nice but on the way to London, when we had been travelling for about an hour and half, the hotel called and cancelled.

“My husband pulled over in the services and saw how upset I was so he decided to book another hotel.

“He booked the Uno hotel at London Heathrow. When we got there there was no plug in the bath and the TV did not work so the man said he would change our room.

“He said to my hubby I they only had rooms with single beds so we could have two or three single beds and Phil picked the two.

“When we got into the room I had no idea it was going to be single beds so I laughed my head off.

“Then we went into the bathroom and laughed even more, that’s when I took the video.”

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